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We are very thankful to the many visitors of who have kindly shared their own speeches with us for you to view. This gives you a great opportunity to see other real speeches in all their glory. We also allow our users to rate each speech, another useful tool for helping you determine which style of speech may appeal to a larger audience.

We are always on the lookout to add more speeches to our growing collection, so if you would like to contribute, please send us a copy of any of the speeches used at your wedding, and we’ll gladly publish it as inspiration and entertainment for others.

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Best man Speeches

All Best man speeches

Ian Bradley
Oct 2013

Mark McGill
Aug 2002

Martin Tierney
Jul 2012

Matt Burrows
Oct 2013

Dan O'Donnell
May 2003

Matt Sabatino
Sep 2007

Jonathon Brown
May 2001

Mark Lane
Jun 2003

Dave Proctor
Jun 2001

Nick Pye
Oct 2009

Bride Speeches

All Bride speeches

Lynn Callaghan
Sep 2004

Liza Hemstock
Dec 2002

Melissa Loyley
Jun 2006

P Carlisle
Jun 2003

Jun 2007

Clare Mulheron
Sep 2004

Mar 2007

Jane Dunn
Mar 2002

Amanda Privett
Jan 2008

Kelly Williams
Aug 2002

Groom Speeches

All Groom speeches

Doug Gordon
Oct 2003

Maurice Thomas
Nov 2004

Toby Field
Aug 2001

Gavin Hughes
Sep 2001

Guy Holley
Nov 2003

Duncan Woodall
Oct 2000

May 2001

Liam McCann
Sep 2001

Mark Stuart
Oct 2004

Andy Fox
Aug 2001

Maid of honour/Best woman Speeches

All Maid of honour/Best woman speeches

Brian Probyn
Oct 2001

Debbie Tait
Jul 2002

Charlotte Larson
Oct 2004

Suzy Fulmer
May 2002

Hannah Marie
Jun 2014

Sherry Methling
Jul 2005

Danielle Reilly
Jan 2002

Kylie Holmgren
Sep 2006

Kelly Robinson
Aug 2000

Anita Hipper
Oct 2003

Father of the bride/groom Speeches

All Father of the bride/groom speeches

Jonathan Phipps
Dec 2000

Andrew McGuigan
Aug 2002

Matt Wilkes
Jun 2007

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