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Wedding Speeches

Here in our speeches section you’ll find sample speeches, delivery tips for executing a flawless and memorable speech, as well as some popular quotes and other great tidbits that can be incorporated into your speech, including jokes that will leave the masses howling.

Best Man Speeches

Best Man's Speech

Example best man speeches

The best man’s speech is meant to be the highlight of the speeches, deftly and humorously weaving his experiences with the groom throughout their lives into his rousing performance. The best man should be called upon to deliver his speech by the bridesmaids.

>> Example best man speeches
>> Speech Delivery tips

Groom Speeches

The groom’s speech is one of both humour and appreciation. He should thank his parents for their guidance throughout his life, thank the guests for their gifts, and send his best regards to any family or friends who could not attend the ceremony due to illness. Lastly he should thank the bridesmaids for their service, and may also present them with a gift at this time.

>> Example groom speeches
>> Speech Delivery tips

Father of the Bride Speeches

Father of the Bride's Speech

The father of the bride’s speech is usually one of welcoming, as he bids the groom’s parents welcome to the family, welcomes other relatives and friends to the party (which he usually helped pay for), and says a few words about the daughter he just gave away at the altar. The father of the bride should be called upon to give his speech by either the toastmaster or best man.

>> Example father speeches
>> Speech Delivery tips

Bride Speeches

Bride's speech

Brides will commonly add a few words at their weddings as well. There is no real precedent or etiquette for the bride’s speech, so she should feel free to say as much or as little as she likes, including her feelings on the day and her new husband. The bride should also feel free to display her sense of humour.

>> Example bride speeches
>> Speech Delivery tips


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