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09 May 2012

Five wedding disasters and how to fix them!

by Caroline@hitched

You spend months planning the perfect big day, so you want to make sure you are prepared for all eventualities. So when wedding disaster strikes, keep calm and follow our simple steps to make sure you have the best day despite any hiccups that come your way!


Disaster 1 – It rains!
Despite everyone wishing for a rain-free big day, having the heavens open is not the end of the world. If the weather forecast is rain then invest in some heavy duty wedding umbrellas to keep you and your maids cosy and dry. And on the plus side, you maybe be able to get some beautiful, atmospheric wedding photos and it’s a little known fact that rain on your big day is a sign of good luck!

Disaster 2 – The wedding car breaks down
It may feel like the end of the world when your wedding car breaks down, but take a deep breath, call a taxi or a friend to come and pick you up and remember that this will be a wedding story you can tell for years to come.

Disaster 3 – The best-man loses the rings
Oh that old cliché! But if at the vital moment, the best man cannot find those treasured rings, simply borrow a ring or two from a happily married couple and then replace with your own rings once the best man has located them! You never know, some good luck may rub off from that happily married couple!

Disaster 4 – You cry at the ceremony and ruin your make-up
Who cares! It’s an emotional time, all your guests will understand and may even be crying along with you. So if you feel a wave of emotion starting to wave over you, don’t worry and enjoy the moment. A well trained bridesmaid will always be on hand with a pack of tissues and a compact!

Disaster 5 – A spillage

If the worst happens and you spill something on your dress, don’t panic! Small stains on a white dress can be eased off with a handy piece of chalk, for larger stains fight the temptation to throw water on it and instead blot the stain as best you can, darker stains can be soaked up by salt granules. And if the stain still shows, simply remember you are the beautiful bride and everyone will be looking at how happy and in love you look, not a small stain on your gown!

Caroline x

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