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28 May 2013

10 signs that you are wedding obsessed

by Caroline@hitched

When you plan your wedding, it can be easy to get carried away and become totally wedding obsessed. Take a look at our top 10 signs you are wedding obsessed, if you are guilty of more than four of them then perhaps it’s time to have a wedding detox day!

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You can’t remember the last time you had a conversation that wasn’t about the wedding with your partner
Don’t forget that you also need to spend non-wedding time together, try and take a romantic walk somewhere and find the time to talk about your day, family and friends, work or just life in general, away from the tapping of your computer and the ringing of your phone.

You spend your work days dreaming of weddings and researching all your favorite wedding ideas
It’s fun to daydream and of course thinking about your wedding is only natural but make sure it doesn’t get in the way of your day job.

You are terrified of someone choosing the same colour palette as you for their wedding
If you do go to a wedding in the weeks before you own and they have chosen the same colours as you, remember it doesn’t matter. Each bride and groom have their own unique style and it won’t make yours any less special.

You call your wedding suppliers more than you call your friends
Once your wedding suppliers know what they need to do, you only need to call to confirm or discuss any changes, calling them daily will not make them work any quicker!

You are planning your own hen party to ‘ease the stress of your maid of honour’
The hen party is one bit of the wedding that doesn’t need to be a stress to you, let your bridesmaids take the reins on this one.

You haven’t delegated any wedding tasks
You can’t plan a whole wedding all by yourself, so delegated will not only ease the burden from you, it will also make your friends and family feel involved in this happy time.

All you watch on tv is wedding reality shows
Watching TV should be your chill-out time, so have fun by watching some wedding shows but also make time for something else that you or your partner may want to watch.

You are obsessed by checking the weather reports for your prospective wedding date
Don’t put too much focus on the weather, you can’t control it and if it does rain, you will still have a wonderful day.

You dream..or rather have nightmares..about your wedding day
If you want to combat this, then try not to do wedding tasks right before bed as your mind will be buzzing with weddings as you drift off to sleep.

So how did you fair? Are you wedding obsessed? Or perhaps just a wedding enthusiast! Don’t forget you can get all your wedding planning under control with the help of the hitched.ie planning tools, including to-do list, budget planner and guest manager, or get creative with our moodboards and wedding scrapbook.

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