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21 Jul 2014

What Frozen Taught Us About Getting Married

by Caroline@hitched

At the weekend I had my best friend and her almost 3 year old come and stay with me so naturally we spent a great deal of time watching and listening to Disney’s Frozen! As much as it’s a great fairytale story for children, there are also a few life lessons tucked away that are perfect for those planning a proposal, wedding or about to embark on their marriage! Take a look at a few things Frozen taught me about getting married...

Spend Time Getting to Know Each Other

When Anna first met Prince Hans of the Southern Isles she got swept away in the romance and was engaged far too quickly. Now you probably won’t get engaged within 15 minutes of meeting like Anna and Hans, but whether you have been together six months or six years, take the time to get to know each other and talk about your goals in life.

The Perfect Guy Could Be Right in Front of You

Whilst engaged to Prince Hans, Anna meets Kristoff and it takes her a while to realise that the right man for her was standing right in front of her all along!

Wedding Dresses with Sleeves are In!

How amazing does Elsa look when she changes into her spectacular icy-blue gown? Sheer sleeves and illusion detail are massive for 2014 and 2015 weddings so why not follow in Elsa’s footsteps and embrace this trend for your wedding dress.

Let It Go

Listen to what Elsa says and let it go! If planning your special day is starting to get to you, take a few days off and get some distance, then all those worries and fears will actually seem small!

Ice Palaces are Beautiful

Elsa’s ice palace would be a beautiful setting for a wedding day! If you would love a ‘Frozen’ wedding then why not take a look at Hotel Du Glace – a beautiful wedding venue made from ice that is featured in our latest article!

Have you learned any more life lessons from Frozen? We’d love to hear them!

Caroline x

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