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04 Jul 2016

You Won't Believe What This Bridesmaid Was Asked To Do By The Bride-To-Be

by rima@hitched

We thought we’d heard it all here at hitched, what with our 15 bridezilla moments that are totally legit, but loud gasps were heard all over the office when we read about one particular bridesmaid’s experience.

Hayley, a school teacher, shared her bridezilla story on mamamia.com and we really couldn’t believe what she had to say.

To start from the beginning, Hayley was delighted when her friend Caroline (not our editor – we swear) asked her to be one of her seven bridesmaids. Having been a bridesmaid before, she was delighted to fulfil the role and thought it would be a mere walk in the park, what with six other bridesmaids to share the load with.

This feeling of joy quickly vanished as the story unfolded.

Hayley was bombarded with copious emails and messages asking for heavy input on each and every detail. From bridesmaid dress colours, to makeup looks, hairstyles and buttonholes for the groomsmen, she was overwhelmed with the amount of contact and questions Caroline was giving her.

It makes you wonder how much of the planning was left down to the bride and groom alone…

These messages very quickly took up much of Hayley’s day, especially on one particular Friday when she was at work, (a school where she taught English). She checked her email during a short break, and to her dismay, the email read:

“Hey Hayley, How’s it going? I need some cake maker suggestions by COB today please, Jase and I really want to get a wriggle on wit this and need the contact details, price brackets, flavours and an idea of how prestigious the vendor is – in a table would be great. Excel is probably best please. Thanks!”

Well, I can see how Caroline falls into the Bridezilla category.

Personally, I was close to spitting my coffee out when I read this, so how Hayley kept her cool, I do not know!

“I had to read the email about three times to gauge what she was asking me. After the third disbelieving scan, I felt my blood start boiling” Said Hayley, and we don’t blame her.

There’s asking your girls for advice on your wedding planning, and then there’s turning your bridesmaids into your wedding planners – big difference right?

This sensible bridesmaid did the expected thing of any responsible adult and prioritised her full time job. She took the kind decision to still do the task asked of her, but get the information to her over the weekend. That would be fine, surely? Hayley sent a very polite email explaining just that, and after no reply from the bride(zilla) she continued with her day-to-day tasks.

The next morning came round and Hayley cancelled her morning plans and began to research Tasmanian wedding cake makers (as the bride chose a picturesque theme) and sent it through to her rapidly.

The reply was far from appreciative.

“Thanks for this, would’ve been really helpful to have it yesterday when specified but I appreciate it.”

I’m sure many people would have had plenty to say in a reply to such an email but Hayley ‘put it down to bride stress’ and continued as normal.

Following this drama, the bridesmaids attended three consecutive weekends of searching for wedding and bridesmaid dresses, which cost them each a total of $550 in expenses.

After the expensive and tiresome hunt, Caroline finally set her eyes on a Marchesa dress which was made from a stunning satin. Everyone approved, but there was just one problem, the price label was double that of her budget.

Despite the large label, she was very much encouraged to buy the dress (most likely to merely end the dress shopping turmoil) – and it worked, as she decided to buy the beautiful gown.

A gasp of relief came from Hayley as she could finally have her weekends (and life) back now.

Just as she thought all of the bridesmaid stress was finally over, she received an email that night from the dreaded… Caroline.

The subject line read: “bridesmaid dress contribution” and it sent a cold shiver down Hayley’s back.

The outline of the email expressed how her and her husband to be are substantially over their budget now that she had bought the dress, and that it was ‘totally fine if you couldn’t’ but that she would really love it if all the bridesmaids could pitch in $150 each towards the Marchesa dress.

So not only did the bridesmaids pay for their own outfits, accommodation, the hen party, bridal shower and the three spa days prior to the wedding day, but the bride’s dress as well.

I know, we couldn’t believe it either!

“I nearly threw my phone across the room; such was the rage that consumed me.”

Three days after the email was sent, three of the seven bridesmaids agreed to pitch in.

“I’m starting to think I might have to bail on this wedding, and friendship.”

Hayley we wish you the best of luck!

What would you have done? – Let me know, Rima x

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Published 4 Jul 2016 15:41 by rima@hitched