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January 2014 - Posts

Consider making a DIY cake table...

So you've decided to go the DIY route with your wedding but have you considered the cake. Hear me out before you go all 'girl, have you been drinking from the crazy well?' I know the idea of making your own wedding cake sounds scary, I mean it's supposed to be the centre piece for your wedding reception and how on earth could you possibly make a cake half as good as those professionals who have been baking and sculpting pieces of cake art for years. However let’s be honest those cakes cost...
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Delicious edible wedding favour ideas from The Velvet Moon Baker!

You've got engaged, you've got the dress, the venue and the cars and the cost is starting to escalate pretty quickly. With the way things are nowadays a lot of the brides or brides-to-be that I know are becoming increasingly frugal when it comes to their weddings and one place a lot of people are saving the dosh is by creating their own favours. Now I know favours are nowhere near a necessity, however they are nice and I know if I ever manage to convince himself that getting married is a fabulous...
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