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14 Oct 2013

How To Take Your Dress On A Plane

by Jemma@YouMeanTheWorldToMe

You’ve decided to get married abroad, you’ve booked your venue, you’ve found ‘the’ dress and your destination wedding planning is well underway. Then someone asks you: ‘How are you going to take your wedding dress on the plane?’ Hmmm….. 

Never fear, You Mean The World To Me are here to help with a step-by-step guide.

image credit: Gypsy Westwood (www.gypsywestwood.com)

Dress decisions

Not bought your dress yet? Light chiffon dresses are great for warm weather weddings and are lightweight to carry and to pack, plus any little creases your dress might get will drop out pretty easily.

Ask for advice from your bridal shop; with destination weddings now being so popular they may have boxes or carriers for your dress, or extra advice and tips for getting any creases out of your specific dress.

Come fly with me

If you haven’t booked your flights for your wedding yet, consider that it might be worth spending a little bit more money on your flights so that you fly with an airline that is more flexible when it comes to hold and hand luggage allowances.

Once you have your flights booked, speak directly to the airline for their advice in terms of taking your dress on their aircraft as every airline has different policies.

Cabin fever

The safest route is to take your dress in the cabin with you. We wouldn’t recommend putting your dress in the hold just incase your suitcase or luggage is delayed, ends up on the wrong flight or gets lost.

Some airlines will hang your dress bag up in the first class wardrobe if there is space – this is more likely with summer destination weddings when there will be fewer passengers with heavy coats to hang up. There is the risk that the airline might say they are unable to do this once you board the flight, in which case the air stewards may ask you to put your dress in the overhead bins.

It’s a dress in a box

If your airline can not guarantee that they will be able to hang your dress bag up for you and you are not keen on the idea that you may have to fold it in the overhead bins, check out the hand luggage size allowed on your flight and purchase a dress box.

A dress box which fits to the size specifications allowed will ensure your dress is packaged, easy to carry and you know for definite that you will have no problems taking it on as hand luggage. Do also check if you can take one or two items on as hand luggage as you will most likely want a bag with you as well as your dress – many low-cost airlines have strict rules about having one piece of hand luggage only and that the item you have must fit in their size checker.

Make sure that any wedding dress box you buy comes with white acid free tissue paper. Use the tissue paper to pack and protect the dress and to avoid creases.

Some good dry cleaners sell wedding dress boxes with acid free paper and they may even pack your dress for you. Again, your bridal shop may also have this service or know somewhere locally that they can recommend.

You can also order destination wedding dress boxes online. We like www.dressinabox.co.uk as the website has video instructions on how to pack your dress along with lots of pretty box styles.

Buying a box to transport your dress is a good investment too as you can use it to store your wedding dress away properly after your wedding.

We hope this has helped you to plan how you’ll take your dress on a plane.

If you want more advice, inspiration and ideas for wherever you plan to say ‘I do’ then You Mean The World To Me is the destination for you.

I am Jemma from youmeantheworldtome.co.uk - read my own blog here.

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