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22 Dec 2014

DQ from Amanda Wyatt

by AmandaWyatt

Under the Amanda Wyatt brand we have a whole host of goodies! This year our Amanda Wyatt collection is all about the Blue Iris Collection. Iris was a Greek goddess and her name means the rainbow. In Greek legends and mythology she was the messenger of the gods, travelling to earth on a rainbow to deliver message of promise and hope.

But we were also hoping to make very sure that brides know about our DQ collection! We have a whole host of colourful dresses to wow your guests with a bit of colour. Look at the amazing selection below, it beats going to a wedding wear the brides are wearing high-street yet again! You can get a lovely range of bridesmaid dresses lots of other brides won’t have.

You can come to Amanda Wyatt as a one stop service for everything. We even do a whole host of accessories from veils, tiaras and brooches to finish off the look!

Amanda x

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Published 22 Dec 2014 9:29 by AmandaWyatt