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09 Feb 2015

DIY Tanning Tips for Bridesmaids

by Marissa@CocoaBrownTan

The big day for the bride has arrived, her makeup, hair and tan is all sorted but it’s time for YOU as her bridesmaid to get glammed up too!

Not every bridesmaid likes the idea of getting a spray tan so here are a few tips for bridesmaids who are DIYing their tan for the big day and want a flawless finish.

Preparation Skin/Nail Care

Apply a coat of nail polish to your nails on hands and feet before you apply your tan. This prevents tan from staining the nail plate.

Make sure you get any waxing or threading done prior to your tanning and not after as this can remove your tan. We recommend 23 days prior to applying your tan.

You don’t want to have any remains of old tan on your skin so exfoliate 23 days before the wedding but not on the actual day you will apply your tan. Try using using Cocoa Brown TOUGH STUFF BODY SCRUB it contains ground pumice stone to give a really deep scrub! Use on wet or dry skin for a really effective result.

Preparation Makeup/Lotions

When tanning your face make sure all remains of makeup have been cleansed. Use a small amount of tan on your tanning mitt when applying to your face lightly as you want a natural look. We recommend using a gradual tan like Cocoa Brown Gentle Bronze on your face to create a natural, even glow. You can apply this two days in advance of the wedding to build up a good colour.

Body moisturisers containing oil can inhibit the development of your tan so we recommend if you have to use a moisturiser beforehand, use an oil-free one like Cocoa Brown CHOCOLATE WHIP. The sweet scented lotion also contains nourishing ingredients such as vitamin E and pathenol too.

Aftercare of applying your own tan:

With Cocoa Brown 1 HOUR TAN you can shower after 1 hour for a light glow, 2 hours for a medium glow and 3 for a dark glow. It is recommended you apply your tan the night before the wedding.

Use a PINK TANNING MITT to apply and buff the tan in sweeping motions, back and forth.

Once you rinse your tan off, pat dry after your shower. Vigorous rubbing will exfoliate your skin and your tan will not last as long.

Limit the shaving of your legs as this can remove your tan.

Apply an oil-free body moisturiser like CHOCOLATE WHIP to lock in hydration and ensure your tan lasts as long as possible!

These tanning tips have been brought to you by Cocoa Brown - the number 1 selling tanning range available in Superdrug, Primark and online via FeelUnique.com! See www.cocoabrown.ie for more details.

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Published 9 Feb 2015 11:11 by Marissa@CocoaBrownTan