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18 Mar 2015

Wedding Photography - An Archive

by Ciara O'Donnell

I really believe in the importance of a photograph. I mean I know I’m a photographer and that might be stating the obvious - if I didn’t believe that I’d be in the wrong business!

As a wedding photographer I truly believe that I am beginning an archive for a couple, on the first day as man and wife - an archive that will stay with them until they grow old together, as they set off on a new life together.

Recently I’ve been restoring a large number of my family photos from the 1900s and it really has brought it home to me the significance of the photograph in my family’s history. A family album did and still remains an archive. I treasure my old family album and I hope my clients will go on to treasure theirs too. During the process I have restored this lovely shot of my Mam on her wedding day in Galway. What a dress - I love it!

I think of wedding photography as the beginning of my relationship with a couple. My hope is that our professional relationship can carry on after their wedding, and I can archive more of life’s major events for them, that they’ll be proud to keep. It’s as much about the family and friends and the day the couple will spend celebrating with them. I recently shot a wedding where the bride wanted to recreate the wedding portrait her parents had in a forest near their home. It was so meaningful to her and I really felt the emotion of the moment as we set up the shot on her own wedding day. What a lovely idea!

Times are different now; we don’t have the luxury of spending all the time in the world with our loved ones. We don’t necessarily live near them or on the same continent as them! I recently shot a wedding for a couple that has been forced to live in different countries. Sadly the groom had to leave a couple of weeks after the day, and I worked really hard to process all their photos on time for them, so they could spend their last weekend together looking at them and reliving the memorable day. This is what makes wedding photography special. You really have the power to affect people’s lives in a positive way, and it’s such a privilege. 

Ciara O'Donnell 


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Published 18 Mar 2015 9:28 by Ciara O'Donnell