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24 Mar 2015

The Overseas Bride and Groom

by Ciara O'Donnell

In this day and age it’s not uncommon for couples to be planning their wedding from abroad. Us Irish love to get married at home, at any cost it would seem. The economy and job opportunities have forced many people to leave. So I’m never surprised to get a call from a Mammy or a relative setting up a meeting for a couple due home to plan their wedding a couple of years in advance. More and more enquiries at wedding fairs come from family and friends trying to cover some ground for their loved one, while they try to choose services for their wedding from half way across the world. 

So how do you go about planning a wedding from abroad? Well, the first step is getting the “Big 5” taken care of.  Every couple needs to put these in place before they can take a breather and consider the details of the day itself. What a lot of couples do is get s family member to research these until they are whittled does to 3 or 4 options: the venue, the church, the reception, the dress, the wedding photographer.  Once these things are in place and booked, you can relax and get the ball rolling on the rest!  Skype, YouTube, Twitter and Facebook are invaluable to me in helping me to keep connected with my clients abroad. The social media platforms are great for demonstrating to them that I’m active and followed, and legit. It’s the main motivation in keeping my twitter & Facebook busy and informative, giving my followers a little insight into my professional practice and my personality.

The overseas bride can function fairly well due to the help of online services, and I for one don’t have to treat any couple differently during the planning process. Working in Kerry the percentage of brides and grooms travelling for a destination wedding is the highest in the country.  We as wedding industry pros are quite used to dealing with all sorts of different circumstances.  So don’t despair, keep in contact with your services and regular communication will ease the process along effortlessly. 

Ciara O'Donnell 


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Published 24 Mar 2015 14:20 by Ciara O'Donnell