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01 May 2015

Let's Talk Cookies

by Gail@LizzieMays

Let’s talk cookies. Not any old cookies, we’re talking buttery vanilla cookies decorated by hand with royal icing, with any designs you can imagine!

Iced cookies are my speciality, and I truly love coming up with custom designs and creating beautiful cookies for all sorts of occasions and, of course, weddings. I can post these anywhere, at this stage my cookies are better travelled than I am!

If you’re wondering how these cookies can best play a part in your wedding, here are a few suggestions:

- favours – one for each guest, or a selection for each table

- placeholders – each guest’s name piped on a cookie

- a selection as part of a dessert table

- a selection to welcome your guests to the reception

Wedding cookies can depict anything you wish and are totally unique to your wedding. They can be beautiful hearts with your names and your wedding date, a cute cartoon version of you both, or even depict your interests – favourite films, sports teams, the sky is the limit!  My favourite for a wedding is the placeholder cookie. Decorated with each guest’s name with colours and designs to match your day, it’s just so personal – and as an added bonus, it doubles up as a favour as well!

Designing and creating cookies is a very similar process to wedding cakes, so if this is something that interests you, have a read over my previous two blog posts, send me some information and I’d be delighted to come up with some designs for you.

Gail x


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Published 1 May 2015 12:10 by Gail@LizzieMays