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  • Posted: 7 Oct 2015 6:56

    Wedding Planning Stuff

    My BF just proposed! I am totally know nothing about wedding planning,and sadly, my parents do not like my BF, and will not help with the wedding planning

    so I am seeking for help everywhere! I think real experience may be better than online searching!! I know little about wedding planning, wish you guys can help me with the rest

    1. Wedding Dress ( wanna a beach wedding)

    2. Bridesmaid Dresses and flower girl dresses( I have 3 BFF who will be my bridesmaids, and two lovely girl as flower girl)

    3. Suits for my man and the best men for all of us

    5. venue,wedding list, guest seating,wedding invitations 

    6. wedding bouquets and wedding cake

    7. Jewelry & veil

    8. wedding rings

    9. Photographer 

    10. videographer

    11. gifts for groom, for bridesmaids and flower girl

    12. Honeymoon

    what else did i miss for a wedding? appreciate your answers! Oh if anyone can suggest some suppliers will be perfect! 

  • Posted: 11 Nov 2015 22:51

    Re: Wedding Planning Stuff

    Hi HappyLinda27,

    Firstly congrats! Exciting times aheadSmile Where are you based? Are you thinking of a beach wedding in Ireland or abroad? 

    Not to worry if advice is slow to come through on this. Once word gets out, everyone you know who is planning or has gotten married will have recommendations. People love talking about their own wedding experiences and it's great to get local recommendations!

  • Posted: 10 Jan 2016 17:21

    Re: Wedding Planning Stuff

    Hi Linda, 

               Delighted to hear your news. when are you planning on getting married? You have basically got a great start on what you need doing and it wil all fall into place as you go along and start to tick things off your list. I got my dress in Smart Brides in Portloise and found them great and well priced. 

          Enjoy the planning


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