Bridesmaids Dresses

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  • Posted: 2 Dec 2015 9:39

    Bridesmaids Dresses

    Hi all, hoping somebody here can offer advice. So basically my baby sister is getting married next August. She lives in Oz and wont be home till 3 wks before the wedding. She is having 4 Bridesmaids and a Junior Bridesmaid and we have no dresses as yet. She has a colour in mind which is a kinda Cadbury's purple. As Chief Bridemaid its been left to me to sort out. Its over ten years since we got married and I've 3 young kids so shopping is not big on my priority list so I'm clueless :( I've been to a few bridal shops and tried on some perfect dresses but think she was shocked to hear the prices I think the cheapest was around €220. Looked on a few websites but very weary of buying online in case they are crap. She had toyed with the idea of buying them over in Oz as they are way cheaper and sending them home for alterations. I know it is naturally enough stressing her out and she wants to get it sorted . What I want to know is I was going to try and organise all bridemaids get together for a day which will be in January I'd say at this stage and hop in the car and drive somewhere there are suitable shops to have a look and hopefully find something. I live in Cavan had even wondered about going down the North but like I said I am clueless. Help................

  • Posted: 10 Jan 2016 17:25

    Re: Bridesmaids Dresses


      My sister got married last year and we bought her bridesmaid dresses in Pamela Scotts for €70 each. I got the girls to all go in and try one on for sizes and sent her picks they sent me as I couldnt get us all to meet up together at the same time. Zipyard are great for altertions and are all over the country. Hope this helps 


  • Posted: 22 Feb 2016 12:35

    Re: Bridesmaids Dresses

    Hi Jenny,

    I'm a 2017 bride but I already purchased my girls' dresses at Cocomelody. I ordered 5 pieces in mint color which fits my wedding theme. Each of them is of nice quality and my girls love them very much! Before, I was scared about shopping online but when I came to Cocomelody, I changed my mind and it made me amazed! A totally trustworthy store with affordable dress items makes my dream come true! I want to highly recommend it to you, hope you'll also like it, xx~ 

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