Honeymoons in Miami

Miami is located on the south eastern coast of Florida and is the fourth most populated area in the United States, boasting a diverse, multicultural population. Book a honeymoon in Miami if you’re looking forward to a sweaty, pulsing city full of life and excitement! Miami is an international banking centre, and also the busiest port for cruise ship passengers in the world. It has earned the nickname ‘The Magic City’ due to its amazingly fast expansion (from 1000 residents in 1886 to almost 6 million in 2007). Miami’s impressive skyline, littered with high rise buildings, is ranked as one of the best in the United States. More than 12 million tourists come to Miami each year to visit the beaches, enjoy the tropical weather, and attend festivals and conventions, and if you plan a honeymoon in Miami you can be a part of it too.
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Miami Overview

Miami has been awarded the title of cleanest city in America, boasting clean drinking water, fresh air, and many green spaces. With more than 80 gardens and parks to choose from, you’ll never be short on picnic destinations if you take your honeymoon in Miami. Due to its proximity to the Atlantic Ocean, as well as the presence of numerous rivers, bays and canals, boating, fishing and sailing are popular outdoor activities in Miami. Scuba diving and snorkelling are also possible in Biscayne Bay. As with most major cities, there are almost endless opportunities for cultural entertainment, with a wide selection of theatres, museums, performing arts centres and parks to choose from during your honeymoon in Miami.

Here are some tips for things to do and see as newlyweds planning a honeymoon in Miami:
- Miami Metro Zoo is one of the first free-range zoos in the United States, where animals are permitted to coexist as they would in nature. It’s worth a visit, for sure.
- Admire the Coral Castle. Ed Leedskalnin spent 28 years building an 1100 ton coral monument to honour his lover. How romantic!
South Beach is Miami’s popular hot spot for everything from partying to shopping. No trip to Miami would be complete without a visit to this lively beach.

Key Facts for Miami

Currency: US Dollar

Language: English

Flight time: 8 hours from London

When to Honeymoon in Miami

When to go:
Miami has a tropical monsoon climate with hot, humid summers and short, warm, and drier winters. The wet season runs from May through October and is characterized by temperatures around 30 degrees Celsius, muggy weather, and thunderstorms. The middle of August until the end of September is the likeliest period for hurricanes to hit. Winter temperatures are more pleasant, and the coldest month is January with an average temperature of 20 degrees. If you’re looking for beach weather, you’ll find heat here all through the year, but for the most enjoyable stay consider booking your honeymoon in Miami during the winter months.

Flight Information:
With a flying time of around 13 hours, Continental Airlines operate flights from Dublin to Miami with one stop en route.

US Dollar.

Travel Documents
Visitors from Ireland do not require a visa to enter the United States to celebrate their honeymoon in Miami, and can stay for up to 90 days with only a valid passport. It is a requirement to apply for a visa waiver online at least 72 hours before departure, and you will not be able to board a flight to the United States if you have not done so. The application is simple and straightforward, and can be done for no charge at https://esta.cbp.dhs.gov.

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Getting Married in Miami

If you want to have a wedding abroad that is full of sunshine then look no further than getting married in Miami. If you’re looking to have a wedding that is laid back, fun and in a place with a fantastic climate then getting married in Miami could be just what you are looking for. With gorgeous sandy beaches and views of the bright blue ocean, why not say your vows under a stunning gazebo on the beach. Or you could try one of the many stunning beach-side resorts; they will cater for your every need and help you plan your dream wedding in Miami. If you are looking to extend your stay and take your honeymoon in Miami then you will not be short of things to do, with plenty of water sports to get involved in, fantastic shops and amazing beaches.

Marriage Requirements


To get married in Florida, visiting couples need only go together to the nearest clerk of the circuit court office to obtain a marriage license. Marriage licenses are good for 60 days. The standard fee is $93.50, which can be reduced to $61 for Florida residents who have completed a premarital preparation course. It can typically be paid by cash, charge or personal check. For more information visit http://www.visitflorida.com/articles/getting-married-in-florida