Wedding Myths

Wedding myths and superstitions are passed through generations, some giving you tips for good luck and some giving advice on how to avoid bad luck. Take a look at our list of common wedding myths and see how many you will be taking note of on your wedding day. If you like this then you will also love our wedding traditions and symbols section.

Before the Wedding

Don’t Sign Your Married Name Before the Wedding
It is considered bad luck for the bride to sign her new married name before the day of the wedding.

Stitch Now, Cry Later
This myth states that the bride shouldn’t do any sewing on her own wedding dress and for every stitch the bride makes herself, she will shed one tear during the marriage.

Throw Away Every Pin
The bride should throw away every pin that has been used in her wedding dress and her veil to bring good luck.

The Wedding Day

Before Reaching the Ceremony:
Waking to the sound of birds singing is considered good luck but hearing the crow of a cock after the dawn is seen as bad luck. The bride should avoid putting on her own veil, instead getting a happily married woman to do it for her. Rain on your wedding day is considered good luck, as is sun shining on the bride. On the way to the church, passing by a funeral procession is said to be a bad omen. On the other hand, should the bride pass a policeman, clergyman, doctor, blind man, dove, lamb, spider, or black cat along the journey, these are all viewed as good signs. For added good luck, the groom should pass a coin to the first person he sees at the church.

Wearing Pearls:
Pearls can be viewed in both a positive and negative light. Their shape, resembling tears, has been thought to signify future tears on the bad luck side, or as a replacement for tears on the good luck side.

Seeing the Bride:
It's a commonly held belief that the groom should not see the bride at any point on the wedding day before she makes her stroll down the aisle. At the very least, the groom should avoid seeing the wedding dress come wedding day.

Perfect Timing:
It's said the best time for the couple to exchange their vows is right when the minute hand of the clock is pointing upwards, which signifies ascension towards heaven.

Dropping the Ring:
This myth also supports two different viewpoints. Dropping the wedding ring during the ceremony is sometimes viewed as a good omen, ridding them of any evil spirits. On the other hand, it's also said that the he or she who drops the ring will be the first one to pass away.

After the Wedding

Greeting the Bride:
It's considered bad luck if a woman is the first person to congratulate the bride after the wedding.

Throwing Shoes:
It's considered good luck for someone to toss an old shoe over the bride's head as she exits the church.

The Long Way Round:
The wedding party should take the longest road home for good luck, while the bride should take an alternate route home than the one taken to the wedding. This is seen as good luck, and a symbol of her new path through life.

Meeting with the In-Laws:
When entering her home for the first time after the wedding, the bride should have a piece of cake broken over her head by her mother-in-law, which is an indication that they'll be friends for life.