Weddings are an important and exciting time in the lives of not just those being wed, but their family and friends as well. The opportunity for these friends and family to actively participate in the weddings of their loves ones and fill many important roles makes the experience that much more memorable for all involved.

Of course these roles all come with responsibilities, and each person taking part in the wedding needs to have a firm grasp of their duties before and during the wedding. Our sections below help provide detailed timelines on the duties commonly assigned to each person, so they can approach the big day with full confidence, and a flawless and memorable wedding can be had by all.

The Best Man

While being notable for bearing the rings leading up to the ceremony, the best man takes on a number of other tasks that help the wedding run smoothly. As the groom’s right hand man, he helps with the selection and training of ushers, helps the groom in his preparation for wedding day, and delivers the final speech of the evening come reception time. The best man often takes on the task of organizing the groom’s stag party the night before the wedding as well, with or without the groom’s input. >> More

The Ushers

Ushers are often related through family or friendship to the groom or best man, but may be male family members or friends of the bride as well. Larger weddings often require multiple ushers, though smaller ones may only have one or two. Ushers help with the seating of guests among other duties, and are overseen by the best man. >> More

Maid of Honour

The chief bridesmaid is most often a sister or close friend of the bride. She works closely with the bride leading up to the wedding, helping with the selection of decorations, dresses, the other bridesmaids, the flower girl, and the page boys. She helps the bride prepare on wedding day, and takes a prominent role during the reception, displaying and recording the wedding gifts and passing out slices of the wedding cake. >> More


Being a bridesmaid is often an exciting time for young women, giving many their first opportunity to see and participate in a wedding firsthand. Bridesmaids are commonly friends or family members of the bride or chief bridesmaid, but may also be female friends or family members of the groom. The bridesmaids work closely with the bride and chief bridesmaid on the selection of dresses, take part in the ceremony, and greet guests at the reception. >> More