Bianca & Eoin's Real Wedding

Bianca and Eoin met through a mutual friend and after three years of friendship, their relationship turned into love and they discovered they had so much in common. After a year together Eoin asked Bianca to be his wife and the couple started planning their wedding together.

Eoin & Bianca-The Happy Couple

Bianca and Eoin met through a mutual friend outside the Olympia Theatre at a Mighty Boosh gig. Bianca thought Eoin was so handsome that she could barely look at him and Eoin thought Bianca was a pretty girl that was rather loud and over excited! After three years of knowing each other, circumstances brought them together and as they talked they really clicked and had a lot in common.

After one year together Eoin proposed but as it was such early stages, they kept the engagement low key and it was six months later that they went ring shopping together and announced their official engagement. The couple then spent a further 14 months planning their special day in Dublin – all photographed by Michael and Jill O’Dwyer from Dublin Wedding Photography.

Eoin & Bianca's Wedding on 04 May 2014

Photography by: Dublin Wedding Photography

Wedding venue: The Schoolhouse Hotel

Eoin & Bianca's supplier list

Photography by:  Dublin Wedding Photography