Clare & Andy's Real Wedding

Clare and Andy met at a beach bar in Thailand. Clare was on a three month trip through South East Asia while Andy was on the final leg of a three month around the world trip. Then after four and a half fantastic years together they got engaged and spent the next 18 months planning the perfect wedding at Carton House in Kildare and had their beautiful wedding photographs taken by Julie Cummins Photography.

Andy & Clare-The Couple

It was Clare’s 25th birthday when the couple got engaged. Andy had taken the day off work to cook a delicious 3 course meal and when Clare arrived home the living room was filled with candles and a table set up in the middle of the room. Clare had said how she wanted a pet rabbit for her birthday so when Andy came out with a massive cardboard box, she expected to find a cuddly bunny rabbit inside! But after pulling out all the wrapping, inside was a small Tiffany box and Andy got down on one knee and proposed. They had a magical night with champagne and dancing together around their living room in celebration!

Andy & Clare's Wedding on 27 Aug 2011

Photography by: Julie Cummins Photography

Wedding venue: Carton House

Andy & Clare's supplier list

Photography by:  Julie Cummins Photography