Edel & Barry's Real Wedding

Barry and Edel had a beautiful wedding at Kilronan Castle in Roscommon. Having spent a blissful two years together, Barry got down on one knee. The couple then spent a year and eight months planning their perfect big day which they celebrated in front of 275 family and friends.

Barry & Edel-The Couple

The first time Edel and Barry properly met was in fact at a funeral! Barry asked Edel if she would go out with him the next week. After a week passed the couple went on their first date and haven’t looked back since. It was two years later that Barry decided to propose to Edel – when they were on their way out; Barry insisted the couple stop at his house so he could pick up a few things, as he and Edel entered the hallway he proposed. The couple then spent 20 months planning the perfect day.

Barry & Edel's Wedding on 18 May 2013

Photography by: John Reynolds Photography

Wedding venue: Kilronan Castle

Barry & Edel's supplier list

Photography by:  John Reynolds Photography