Louise & Brian's Real Wedding

Louise and Brian met when Louise began working in the office of a construction site where Brian worked. Being a Dublin girl, Louise found it very difficult to understand her bosses heavy Cork accent and Brian quickly became her ‘translator’ and her best friend. After two years of friendship, Brian plucked up the courage to ask Louise out and they haven’t looked back since.

Brian & Louise-The Couple

After 2 and a half years of dating Brian popped the question. The couple had gone to London for Brian’s birthday and on the first night he surprised Louise with a trip on the London Eye, a scary prospect for Louise who is scared of heights, but as it was his birthday she agreed to go. When they got to the top of the London Eye, Louise turned around and Brian was down on one knee with a ring he had chosen, Louise burst into tears and said yes as the whole capsule clapped. The couple then spent just over a year planning their beautiful Cork wedding.

Brian & Louise's Wedding on 26 Oct 2012

Photography by: Rory O'Toole Photographer

Wedding venue: Fota Island Resort

Brian & Louise's supplier list

Photography by:  Rory O'Toole Photographer