Natal & Ian's Real Wedding

Natal and Ian tied the knot in front of their friends and family in a gorgeously sunny hilltop ceremony in Lanzarote. 

Ian & Natal-A Wedding In Sunny Paradise

Natal and Ian met at a soccer match when they were both just teenagers. Ian was watching the soccer and Natal was watching the boys!

Soon, Natal only had eyes for Ian as their love developed. On the night of the proposal, Natal was on her way home from work and couldn’t make her usual call to Ian to get dinner ready as her bag was in the boot of her car!

When she got home Natal didn’t notice anything different until she went to their bedroom and was greeted by Ian down on one knee surrounded by lots of romantic tea lights!

Ian picked the perfect ring for Natal with an exquisite cut diamond set in a white gold pave which she absolutely loved.

Natal didn’t believe Ian when he said he chose it himself as they usually have completely different tastes!

Natal and Ian wed abroad in sunny Lanzarote, where they flew 115 wedding guests out the week before so they could spend quality time together before the big day. 

Ian & Natal's Wedding on 26 Jun 2015

Photography by:  James Mitchell Photography

Wedding venue: Hotel Costa Calero Talaso & Spa

Ian & Natal's supplier list

Photography by:  James Mitchell Photography