Natal & Ian's Real Wedding

Natal & Ian's Real Wedding - A Sun Soaked Honeymoon

A Sun Soaked Honeymoon

Natal and Ian’s wedding was filled with special touches and romantic moments from start to finish.

Even though they planned a wedding abroad, they wanted to incorporate traditions from home and their wedding had the perfect blend of traditional beauty and Spanish sunshine.

For their honeymoon Natal and Ian are planning a fantastic trip to Miami, Cancun and are also doing a cruise around the Caribbean.

Ian wanted to go to America and Natal wanted to go on a cruise so their honeymoon will be a combination of both their desires.

‘Don’t stress about the small things,’ is their wisdom to pass on to other couples planning a wedding ‘Nobody knows what you have planned so no one will know if something changes or is missing! Take everything in and enjoy the moment.’


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Natal & Ian-A Wedding In Sunny Paradise
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Natal & Ian-A Sun Soaked Honeymoon
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Natal & Ian's Real Wedding on 26 Jun 2015

Ian & Natal's supplier list

Photography by:  James Mitchell Photography