Sarah & Christopher's Real Wedding

After a chance meeting on a night out, Chris and Sarah were together for three years before getting engaged. They celebrated their love with a romantic and traditional winter wedding, attended by 90 guests, which combined their Scottish and Irish backgrounds. 

Christopher & Sarah-The Happy Couple

Sarah and Chris met on a night out in Maynooth, and upon hearing Chris was Scottish, Sarah asked him for advice on where to go in Glasgow as she was there the following weekend. He said he’d tell her the places to go if she agreed to meet him for a drink whilst she was there. She agreed, and the rest is history!

After three happy years together, Chris asked Sarah to become his wife whilst staying at her parents’ holiday home in Wexford. He presented her with a ring, which he’d had specially made for her and she was totally in shock. When he asked her to marry him, she couldn’t stop crying to answer him. Finally, when she calmed down she was able to answer him with a big ‘yes’! The couple were engaged for a further 18 months before becoming husband and wife. 

Christopher & Sarah's Wedding on 02 Feb 2013

Photography by: Noel Noblett [South East Wedding Photographer]

Wedding venue: Knightsbrook Hotel

Christopher & Sarah's supplier list

Photography by:  Noel Noblett [South East Wedding Photographer]