Wedding Speech Delivery

Welcome to Hitched speech delivery tips.Public speaking can be a terrifying prospect, especially when you don’t trust your material. With our other speech sections devoted to helping you improve the quality and appeal of your speech, we’d like to use this section to focus on the other key aspect of the speech, and that is your delivery of it. Keeping in mind the tips below should help you immensely come speech time.

Read or Memorize?

This is a tricky subject. You could certainly wow the audience by delivering a memorable speech seemingly from the top of your head, but the potential for disaster is great, and could end in you greatly embarrassing not only yourself, but the others on whose behalf you’re speaking. There’s no shame in reading your speech from a written copy as is customary, or at the very least from cue cards with brief notes.


Practice reading your speech aloud to perfect your timing of key aspects of it, and to ensure everything sounds appropriate and meshes well. You may also want to practice particular body gestures you wish to use at certain points of the speech, or certain facial expressions.

Slow Down

The first instinct of many a public speaker is to rush the speech and get it over with. This often results in disaster, as the audience has difficulty following along with the speech and responding as intended. This in turn often leads to the speaker rushing his delivery even more. Fight the urge to rush through your speech and take the mindset that you want to enjoy every moment of the experience. This is perhaps a once in a lifetime experience, and a chance for you to show off both your humour and sensitivity. Have fun with it, and don’t be nervous, the audience is behind you and hoping for you to succeed as well.

Body Language

Body language to a large extent determines how well engaged your audience will be. Stand up straight, smile often, and make eye contact with the guests as often as you can.


Very rarely do we have the chance to truly test out our comedic abilities on such a stage, both in crafting and delivering jokes. You now have the chance, and though not all jokes will fly, as many will often be inside jokes only a few present will understand, have fun with the ones that bomb just as much as the ones which succeed. Even go so far as to tell the audience they were supposed to laugh, which always helps lighten the mood.


Interruptions can occur for a variety of reasons, and all of them should be embraced by the speaker. If you feel confident enough, you can add to your (hopefully) growing stature as a stand-up comedian by making light of whatever caused the interruption in your speech. Conversely, you can take the moment to compose yourself and prepare for the next section of your speech.


As tempting as it can be to drink in the hopes that it will loosen you up, too much drink often loosens the wrong part, that being your tongue. Avoid the temptation to drink anything exceeding a minimal amount before your speech.