Key Events in History for Your Wedding Speech

Welcome to Hitched key events. If you are looking for a way to start your wedding speech then linking in with a key event from the year the bride or groom was born could be a great start. To help you along your way we have listed some key events in history.

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Key Events from 1960

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  • The last regular ship on the Cork–Glasgow crossing runs, ending a 103-year-old service
  • Alfred Hitchcock’s 'Psycho' is released
  • The last barge on the Grand Canal leaves Dublin carrying Guinness to Limerick. It was the end of a 156-year old service
  • Edna O'Brien's novel The Country Girls is published; it is prohibited in Ireland by the Censorship of Publications Board
  • Bono – lead singer of U2 – was born

Key Events from 1961

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  • Bob Dylan plays his first gig in New York
  • JFK is sworn in as President of the USA, he is the first President of Irish-Catholic descent
  • The last legal execution occurs in Ireland occurs in Belfast. It is of Robert McGladdery for murder
  • The Guinness ship Lady Gwendolen rams and sinks the Freshfield anchored in the Mersey
  • Singer Daniel O'Donnell is born

Key Events from 1962

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  • Tom Cruise is born
  • Decca Records turns down signing The Beatles
  • Marilyn Monroe found dead
  • Sean Connery lands the role of James Bond
  • A final train is run on the west Cork railway

Key Events from 1963

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  • George Michael is born
  • President Kennedy is killed in Dallas
  • Stevie Wonder releases his first album
  • Thomas Johnson, first parliamentary leader of the Irish Labour Party dies aged 91
  • The Beatles arrive in Dublin for a concert in the Adelphi Cinema

Key Events from 1964

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  • Pulitzer Prizes cancelled as committee announces no work is good enough
  • Mary Poppins wins 8 Oscars
  • The Abbey Theatre in Dublin closes in mourning for playwright Sean O’Casey who passed away
  • Brendan Behan's funeral takes place in Dublin
  • John Gill is born

Key Events from 1965

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  • Soviet Alexei Leonov performs the first space walk
  • The Gaelic Athletic Association Congress in Dublin decides that the ban on foreign games is to stay in place
  • Huge crowds turn out at Drumcliffe Churchyard, County Sligo to honour the poet W.B. Yeats on the centenary of his birth
  • Iris Murdoch's novel The Red and the Green, with an Easter Rising setting, is published
  • Comedian, actor and writer Ardal O'Hanlon is born

Key Events from 1966

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  • The Rolling Stones banned from 14 New York hotels
  • Frank Sinatra and Mia Farrow married
  • Star Trek premiered on NBC
  • The Bishop of Clonfert protests over the content of The Late Late Show. The bishop took exception when a woman told the host Gay Byrne that she didn't wear a nightie on her wedding night
  • A memorial is to be opened at Kilmichael, County Cork to commemorate the 1920 ambush there

Key Events from 1967

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  • Elvis Presley and Priscilla married
  • The first heart transplant takes place
  • The BeeGee's first single is released
  • 'The Graduate' film is released
  • Ireland's free post-primary school transport scheme begins. CIÉ brings 38,000 students to 350 schools

Key Events from 1968

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  • The first Kodak Instamatic camera is launched
  • The New University of Ulster is opened in Coleraine, County Londonderry
  • President de Valera opens the John F. Kennedy Memorial Park in New Ross, County Wexford
  • Mark Little is born
  • A seat to commemorate the poet Patrick Kavanagh is unveiled alongside the Grand Canal in Dublin

Key Events from 1969

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  • Man walks on the moon
  • Test-tube fertilisation of human eggs happens
  • Ireland receives its first loan from the World Bank
  • Prime Minister of Northern Ireland, Terence O'Neill, resigns
  • Barry Ferguson is born

Key Events from 1970

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  • Jimi Hendrix dies
  • George Best banned from playing football for one month
  • IBM introduces floppy disks
  • Paul McCartney leaves The Beatles
  • Mary Kingston is born

Key Events from 1971

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  • The first VCR is launched by Philips
  • The Eurovision Song Contest is held in Dublin
  • Seán Ó Ríordáin's poetry collection Línte Liombó is published
  • Roy Keane is born
  • John McQuaid retires after thirty years as Roman Catholic Archbishop of Dublin

Key Events from 1972

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  • Liam Gallagher is born
  • The VW Beetle becomes the biggest selling car ever
  • The pocket calculator is invented by Texas Instruments
  • The Godfather film is released
  • Mary Peters becomes the first Irish woman to win a gold medal at the Olympics

Key Events from 1973

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  • The longest solar eclipse is visible from the Sahara desert
  • Ireland joins the European Community along with Britain and Denmark
  • The Sunningdale Agreement is signed by British Prime Minister Edward Heath, Taoiseach Liam Cosgrave, Brian Faulkner, Gerry Fitt and Oliver Napier
  • The funeral takes place of the former Archbishop of Dublin (Roman Catholic), Dr. John Charles McQuaid
  • Sinéad O'Carroll is born

Key Events from 1974

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  • Scientists prove that CFC's destroy the Ozone layer
  • Cearbhall Ó Dálaigh is sworn in as the fifth President of Ireland
  • The great hall of University College Dublin is set to become a 900-seat concert hall and home of the RTÉ Symphony Orchestra
  • Radio and television broadcaster Ryan Tubridy is born
  • Boyzone singer and actor Keith Duffy is born

Key Events from 1975

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  • Tiger Woods the US golfer is born
  • The first woman climbs Everest
  • Paul McCartney is fined for growing Marijuana
  • George Best plays a League of Ireland match for Cork Celtic against Drogheda
  • Comedian David O'Doherty is born

Key Events from 1976

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  • Apple Computers founded by Steven Jobs
  • The last passenger train runs on the Limerick-Claremorris line ending an 80-year-north-south link along the western seaboard
  • The band U2 is formed at Mount Temple Comprehensive School, Dublin
  • Boyzone singer and actor Stephen Gately is born
  • Journalist and television presenter Claire Byrne is born

Key Events from 1977

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  • The US space shuttle prototype 'Enterprise' flies for the first time
  • Elvis Presley dies aged 42
  • Red Rum wins Grand National for 3rd time
  • Star Wars breaks all box office records
  • A crater on the planet Mercury is named after the Irish poet W.B. Yeats.

Key Events from 1978

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  • The World's first test tube baby is born
  • 'Superman' starring Christopher Reeve is released
  • 'Grease' starring John Travolta is released
  • Johnny Giles resigns as manager of the Republic of Ireland national football team
  • Soccer player Simon Webb is born

Key Events from 1979

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  • The Sony Walkman is launched
  • Punk rocker Sid Vicious found dead in New York
  • Mother Teresa wins Nobel Peace Prize
  • Petrol shortages doe to crisis in the Middle East cause long delays in Ireland
  • September 29 - Pope John Paul II arrives in Ireland for a three day visit. 1.25 million people, just over one-quarter of the population, welcome him at a special mass in the Phoenix Park. Later in the day His Holiness speaks to 200,000 people at Drogheda, County Louth. The Pope returns to Dublin in the evening where an estimated 750,000 people witness his motorcade travel through the city

Key Events from 1980

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  • Ronald Reagan becomes US President
  • John Lennon shot and killed in New York
  • The world waits to see 'Who shot JR' in Dallas TV series
  • Rubik's cube is voted Toy of the Year
  • Boxer Bernard Dunne is born

Key Events from 1981

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  • President Reagan shot in attempted assassination
  • BMW develop first in car computer, to monitor engine performance
  • PacMan fever dominated video arcade games
  • IBM lanches its first personal computer
  • NASA space shuttle makes maiden flight

Key Events from 1982

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  • Graceland, home of Elvis, opened to the public
  • Michael Jackson releases 'Thriller' album
  • Cork Airport celebrates its 21st birthday
  • Patrick Hillery is installed as President of Ireland for a second term
  • The Ireland rugby team wins the Triple Crown Ireland for the first time since 1949 by beating Scotland 21-12 on 21 February, having already beaten Wales and England

Key Events from 1983

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  • Madonna releases first record album
  • Richard Noble breaks land speed record
  • The first stretch of motorway in the Republic was opened; the 8 km Naas bypass on the N7 national primary route
  • The racehorse Shergar was kidnapped from Ballymany Stud in County Kildare
  • The Concorde supersonic airliner paid its first visit to Dublin Airport.

Key Events from 1984

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  • Ghostbusters & Scarface hit the cinema screen
  • Madonna's album Like a Virgin sells over 20 million copies
  • Michael Jackson's 'Beat It' wins record of the Year
  • The Apple Macintosh goes on sale
  • RTÉ's first newsreader, Charles Mitchell, reads his last news bulletin

Key Events from 1985

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  • Back to the Future starring Michael J Foxx is released
  • Irish Footballers Dean Shiels & Simon Davis are born
  • The first heart transplant in Ireland takes place
  • President Hillery presents Bob Geldof with a cheque for £7 million. This is the Irish contribution to the Live Aid appeal
  • The Ireland national rugby union team wins the Triple Crown and Five Nations Championship at Lansdowne Road. They beat England 13-10

Key Events from 1986

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  • Fuji introduces the disposable camera
  • Y-fronts became a thing of the past as boxer shorts made it big!
  • Two giant pandas, Ming Ming and Ping Ping, arrive at Dublin zoo
  • An anti-divorce rally takes place in Dublin
  • Dublin Airport opens for the first time on Christmas Day

Key Events from 1987

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  • Disposable contact lenses are invented
  • Cycling shorts became fashionable not just for cycling! Although maybe they shouldn’t have been!
  • Patrick Swayze danced his way across the big screen in Dirty Dancing as Michael Douglas had a Fatal Attraction
  • World population reached 5 billion people
  • The Irish National Lottery is launched

Key Events from 1988

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  • Digital cellular phones are invited
  • U2's album 'Joshua Tree' wins a Grammy
  • Dublin celebrates its official 1,000th birthday
  • Soccer player Alan Power is born
  • Gay and Lesbian Equality Network established in Dublin

Key Events from 1989

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  • Shirley Valentine & When Harry Met Sally hit the big screen
  • Rain Man wins Academy Award for Best Picture
  • The Nintendo Game Boy was born
  • The Berlin wall came down
  • Dundalk, County Louth celebrates its 1200 year heritage

Key Events from 1990

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  • Mary Robinson becomes the first female President of Ireland
  • The Criminal Justice Act abolishes capital punishment for all offences and replaces it with lengthy prison sentences
  • Janet Catterall becomes the first woman in the Republic of Ireland to be ordained as a priest in the Church of Ireland
  • The Northern Ireland Fair Employment Act becomes law
  • Patrick Mulligan, Bishop of Clogher dies

Key Events from 1991

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  • Limerick city celebrates 300 years of the Treaty of Limerick
  • The wrongful convictions of the Maguire Seven are quashed
  • Frank O'Mara wins the world indoor 3000m championship for the second time
  • Actress Sarah Bolger is born
  • Actress Evanna Lynch is born

Key Events from 1992

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  • The Irish Film Institute opens the Irish Film Centre in Dublin
  • Disney releases motion picture Aladdin
  • The Bodyguard hits our screens
  • Michael Carruth wins Ireland's first gold medal in 36 years at the Olympic Games in Barcelona
  • Footballer Matt Doherty is born

Key Events from 1993

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  • Niamh Kavanagh wins the Eurovision Song Contest
  • The final Jacob's Award ceremony took place in Dublin
  • Niall Horan of One Direction was born
  • Jurassic Park becomes the highest grossing film of all time
  • Sleepless in Seattle hit our screens

Key Events from 1994

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  • Ireland wins the Eurovision Song Contest for the third year in a row
  • The Central Bank issues a new £5 note
  • Actress Saoirse Ronan is born
  • Forrest Gump becomes a box office hit
  • Pulp Fiction wins a Golden Globe for Best Original Screenplay

Key Events from 1995

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  • The Prince of Wales begins his first official visit to Dublin
  • Ireland qualifies for the quarter-finals of the Rugby World Cup
  • Footballer Evan Finnegan is born
  • Sitcom Father Ted, written by Arthur Mathews and Graham Linehan and starring Dermot Morgan and Ardal O'Hanlon, airs for the first time on Channel 4
  • Toy Story hits the big screen