18 Tried and Tested Jokes for the Best Man’s Speech

Planning on writing your best man's speech and need some winning jokes to include? We take a look at 18 of the most tried and tested...


Love them or loath them, a few jokes scattered throughout the best man’s speech is a must. If you have been asked "Will you be my best man?", you have some reservations about your best man’s writing skills or you simply want to give him a helping hand – then point them in the direction of this article as we share 18 classic best man jokes hand picked from our wedding speeches section.

Best Man Jokes

The One About the Cake

The cake is in tiers joke is a classic and a good way to warm up a room. Just check the bride and groom haven’t instead opted for a single tier wedding cake or a dessert buffet rather than a traditional tiered wedding cake, otherwise the joke will be on you!

Ideas for the best man speech

The One About the Drinks Bill

If the groom is known for being particularly thrifty (or just plain tight with his money!) then a joke about the drinks bill will translate well to a lot of your audience as they will know what you're talking about!

Best Man Jokes

The One About the Nervous Bride

If you are looking to make just a gentle jab at the groom that is highly unlikely to cause offence then this is a safe one for you and is sure to get you laughs.

Best Man Jokes

The One About Deserving a Good Husband

Or why not go one further and combine your gentle insult to the groom with a shower of compliments for the bride - something that is pretty much best man speech law.

Best Man Jokes

The One About Being Geographically Convenient

It’s not all about the relationship between the bride and groom, this joke can ease you into a light-hearted chat about your friendship with the groom.

Best Man Jokes

The One About Sex Positions

If you want a joke that is a little risqué then this is a great one for having a bit of fun and it should just go over the heads of littler guests.

Best Man Jokes

The One About Leaving with a Nice Dress

Lead the audience in by saying some really lovely things about the bride, then you can make them giggle with a thinly veiled insult to the groom.

Best Man Jokes

The One About Funerals

Not always the best topic at a wedding but it’s a great way to break the ice and hopefully show the audience that you won’t be rambling on for hours.

Best Man Jokes

The One About Being the Best Man

Embrace your title and add a touch of (funny) arrogance about being the BEST man – after all it was the groom that said it, not you.

Best Man Jokes

The One Where You Won’t Lie

Talking about how you researched your speech can remind guests that you aren’t a professional public speaker, whilst still being able to raise a laugh.

Best Man Jokes

The One Where He’s Going to Bangor

He’s going to what!? It’s a classic but a great option for something a little bit naughty that again, little guests probably won’t quite understand.

Best Man Jokes

The One About the Warm Seat

TMI!!! Sadly this joke continues to be one of the favourites amongst best men of Britain, what do you think?

Best Man Jokes

The One Where You Insult the Groom’s Speech

There’s nothing like starting your own speech off by insulting someone else’s! The only time to maybe steer clear of this one is when the groom’s speech really hasn’t been very good.

Best Man Jokes

The One Where You Ask for a Drink

Use this classic best man joke to guarantee you are bought a drink or two at the bar at the start of the evening reception!

Best Man Jokes

The One Where You Don’t Quite Compliment the Groom

If your groom has been particularly nervy about what you might say then this joke implying the groom wrote your speech will go down well.

Best Man Jokes

The One Where You Insult Yourself

There is plenty of time to insult the groom during your speech, but if you feel a bit nervous about your speech then this joke will be a good icebreaker.

Best Man Jokes

The One Where It’s All the Groom’s Fault

If you are nervous about your speech then set the tone right at the beginning and blame the groom and his own sense of humour for any of your failures!

Best Man Jokes

The One Where You Compliment Yourself

You’re stood in front of a room of people, so why not list off a few of your best traits to give yourself a little confidence boost!

Best Man Jokes

Are you in the middle of writing your best man’s speech? Our speeches section will be packed full of ideas and tips and advice on public speaking.

If you are planning a best man's speech then don't miss our top tips:

  • Avoid in-jokes that most guests won't understand!
  • Keep in clean - you don't want to be dropping an F-bomb in front of your best friend's grandma...
  • Pause for laughter 
  • Add a personal twist - see if any of these jokes can be ammended to suit something that relates to the groom

Still looking for ideas? Start browsing our best man example speeches.


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