Best Man Example Wedding Speeches

The most eagerly awaited speech of the day is of course the best man’s wedding speech.

Best man wedding speeches should be a mixture of sincerity and humour. When writing your best man’s speech, it’s important to remember your audience – if your speech is going to be a little risqué then it’s probably best to check with the groom to ensure it is audience appropriate!

Best Man wedding speeches will predominantly be about the groom and include some funny stories and jokes, most likely at the groom’s expense! But it is also a time to welcome the bride and acknowledge the impact she has made on her groom’s life.

Try to keep the speech 5-10 minutes long, any shorter and it may feel rushed, any longer and you risk the audience becoming bored!

We have so many examples of best man wedding speeches here at hitched. If you deliver a best man’s wedding speech that receives a standing ovation then we would love to hear it!

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Best Man Wedding Speeches

Ian Bradley
Oct 2013
Mark McGill
Aug 2002
Martin Tierney
Jul 2012
Dan O'Donnell
May 2003
Matt Burrows
Oct 2013
Jonathon Brown
May 2001
Matt Sabatino
Sep 2007
Dave Proctor
Jun 2001
Mark Lane
Jun 2003
Nick Pye
Oct 2009