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Speech Type: Best man

Speech Creater: Matt Burrows

Speech Date: Oct 2013

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Hello, my name is Matt. And I’d like to finish, as is traditional, with a toast… and some poetry.

It is not a funny poem. This is called, ‘What is love?’

The poem contains some quite raw and sensitive feelings so… stanza one…

So here we are to sow the seeds of many happy anniversaries
On this special day.
I wish the very best upon this couple’s way.
So here’s to life - to him, a husband, and to her, a wife.

Alas, my friends...
There is still one question on which this day depends… 

What is love?
Some special bond where we share the lows, and celebrate the highs?!
No. The strongest love, the purest love, is a love between two guys. 

To Tom my dear – a simple ode.
Is this the ending of our happy road?
Of Xbox games and drinking beers?
Your laughter like music in my ears.
From catching frisbees on the beach,
To now alone, do I beseech.
For all those times of having fun,
Where are they now?  We were so young...

So what is love? I still don’t know.
But with guy love, it’s the little things that start to show.
Like how we both use Head & Shoulders in our hair.
How do I know? Because I care.
I love his smile. I love it when he laughs so hard it hurts.
I love his style. I love his Abercrombie shirts.
I love to feel his warm hands upon my face. I love his Danish grace.
I even love to stroke his moustache in Movember. Do you remember?

And now, this present day.
He seems so happy but I feel astray.
For richer. For poorer. 
Tom is the only man that I would have instead of Laura.
But he’s with Kylie. And that’s fine.
Because I know she will make him smiley all the time.
A beautiful, radiant and generous wife.
But most of all, she is a friend for life.

So join me in a toast. With glasses raised.
To a happy ever after in their days and in their years.
What is love? I think we know. Cheers.

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