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Speech Type: Bride

Speech Creater: Amanda Privett

Speech Date: Jan 2008

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Those of you who know me, probably aren’t surprised that I want to say a few words today. Those of you who know me really well, will be surprised if it is only a few words!!

I’m actually amazed to find myself standing here beside the wife today, because I always hoped mine would be an arranged marriage, but unfortunately Robbie Wiliams just wasn’t keen

Actually I am amazed to be standing here atall and I know everybody out there is too!!! Esp my mum and dad – when I told them I was getting married and was there a wedding fund –  dad just pointed outside to their new car outside!!
I really wanted to say a few ‘thank yous’ of my own

By the way, just to warn you all, this could be the start of the emotional bit so if I start crying, feel free to throw me a tissue

Thank you to all my best friends for all their support, love, fun and wine over the years

Thank you to Div for being the funniest and kindest brother I could wish for, who also does the best hugs when you need one.  Lise you are a very lucky girl.

I would like to thank both my mum and dad for all their love & support  throughout my life. You have been the best parents a girl could wish for. I would not be where I am today if it wasn’t for your encouragement. You have shown me the love and commitment involved in a marriage. I didn’t settle for anything less  because of your example

I would like to thanks Craigys mum and dad for having him – I think!?
Anyway,  Craigy, Craig, the wife what can I say – I have known you for 15 years – flippin eck – but today after all these years I am the happiest girl in the world and I hope the rest of our lives together will be as happy as today – I love you.  

Finally, I''d like to propose a toast to you guys, who have made it such a special day for us - To the guests!

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