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Speech Type: Bride

Speech Creater: Clare Mulheron

Speech Date: SepĀ 2004

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''Just before Martin jumps in and says extremely nice things about my husband I just wanted to say a few short words. I realise it''s not entirely conventional for a bride to speak at a wedding however, convention has never really been my thing!
So I''ll crack on. You''ve all heard it before but a good speech is as long as a mini@skirt short enough to be interesting but long enough to cover the essentials  @ good job we haven''t got the Marbella pictures here to make that comparison.....Kate! friend on hen@week that wore extremely short skirts!  
Firstly I''d just really like to echo what others have said in thanking you all for coming. It really has been a wonderful day. I''ve got down here despite the weather @ good job I don''t have to say that. Always the pessimist. Anyway it really is so wonderful to have most of the people that you care about in your life altogether in the same room. Shame we had to get married to get you to do so!
I''d also like to thank a few people although I can''t thank them all as I''m bound to forget someone. Firstly I''d like to thank my sister Julie who FINALLY debuts as Chief bridesmaid after many failed attempts!  You''ve finally made it.  Thanks for taking jobs off me at the last minute and just generally being at the other end of the phone when I''m playing Bridezilla and of course for organising all the hen events. And thanks to all the girls that were on the Marbella trip @ it really was the holiday of a lifetime @ I never knew I was so young! In particular thanks to the ''honorary'' girls my brother Rob his friend Dave for pulling us into line and making it something very special. And I think we''re all booked in for 14th June next year again @ provided the Puerto Banus petition fails in the high court!
I must also thank my other bridesmaids Mya and Dawn and my best frined Sarah. Sarah is my drinking partner, and my drinking partner, and my umm drinking partner and I''m so glad we got each other to hold the other one up!
Thanks must also go to my parents for making me so, hopefully, worldy wise, keeping my feet on the ground and most of all for teaching me how to drink!! You know I''m kidding!
I''d also like to thank my husband for all the wonderful things he has said about me today bit of a risk writing that one down I can tell you! and also for looking so truly wonderful today @ he really does scrub unbelievably well. I was also pleased to note he left the green eyeshadow at home today although I understand it was with some reluctance!
Richard, Jack, Ted, Eddie and most recently christened Jacqueline my husband has a number of nicknames! I feel very priviledged to be standing here as your wife today.....................finally!  I really do feel that I have been lucky enough to find one of life''s special people. For those of you that don''t know him too well he is kind, generous, has a wonderful sense of humour is completely laid back and I also think it''s very sweet to see such a grown man refusing to behave anything like one!  
I''ll never forget the first day I laid eyes on him as he was walking out of a meeting room.  I say walking, he was actually strutting as he does in that purposeful manner he does which normally means he has found a solution to an Asset Management problem whatever that means, his company is called Asset Management Solutions but on this particular occassion someone had told him there was some left ovber buffett!!!!
Since that day my life has changed forever, you have been made me so utterly happy I can''t find the words to express how I feel about you but luckily I have the rest of my life in which to do. Thank you so much for making my life so wonderful @ and for everything you have done to put today together.  People would not believe what you could have a spreadsheet for!!!!!!  You are my love, my life and the best thing that could ever possibly have happened to me.
So, if you would all be upstanding and join me in a toast to my husband, this time To Richard.  
I was so nervous about doing this speech but I realised very quickly that everyone was on my side and I really started to enjoy it.  It is a great gift to give your husband too!  I think you should if you can as it''s your one opportunity to publicly thank everyone and to tell everyone how much you love them and your new husband.

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