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Speech Type: Bride

Speech Creater: Kelly Williams

Speech Date: Aug 2002

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We did it!!   I can’t believe we’re here already!!  At first it felt like it couldn’t take any longer and the last few weeks just flew!  It’s overwhelming, I’m in awe!
Wow, I’m Mrs. Butterworth! I can’t believe it! Yeah, I can here my co-workers snickering in the back there,  I can only imagine the stories I’ll be returning to!
First I’d like to clear up any confusion Jim, is Jamie to me.  Now that’s out of the way,  Jamie and I have traveled a long road together already and I’m looking forward to our continued journey as husband and wife.
Jamie and I would like to thank our family and friends for coming tonight and being supportive to us at different stages of our lives.  We’d also like to thank those who couldn’t be with us in body and spirit like my papa who isn’t forgotten and is loved and missed very much!  We’d also like to thank the people who we don’t know very well for coming and we’d like to take the opportunity tonight to get to know you better.  Most of all we’d like to thank our parents for teaching us the 10 important rules to a healthy marriage:
Never both be angry at the same time.
Never Yell at each other unless the house on fire.
If one of us HAS to win an argument, let it be your mate.
If you have to criticize, do it lovingly.
Never bring up mistakes of the past.
Neglect the whole world rather than each other.
Never go to sleep with an argument unsettled.
At least once everyday try to say one nice thing to your mate.
When you have done something wrong, be ready to admit it and ask for forgiveness.
It takes 2 to quarrel and the one in the wrong is the one who does the                       talking.
I hope we can remember these rules and live by them. Not only do we want to thank our parents for these rules they are only part of what they’ve taught us.  We also want to thank-you for building courage when we are scared, for strengthening our hearts when we are weak and when we have self esteem we can conquer anything!
We would like to thank the Olympia for creating this wonderful meal and
Their lovely staff for their service and kindness and for making this a night to remember.    
We would like to thank  our beautiful wedding party for their hard work and loyalty & I know they deserve it.  Even when things got hectic and I was losing my mind they really pulled through and lifted me up and that is what true friends are made of so let’s lift our glasses and toast to our wonderful entourage.   Cheers!

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