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Speech Creater: Liza Hemstock

Speech Date: Dec 2002

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I’ve spent a lot of time trying to figure out what I was going to say today. There are many things that I could say and many things that I definitely can’t, besides I’d rather keep this short as I’m keen to see Dad on the dance floor doing a few moves…

Firstly, before I start, do you like me dress?

I’ve had many adventures which have led me to this day and for those who know me, this day has been a long time coming. I’ve had some great times and some even better ones and this was all made possible by you who are with me today.

In tribute to this, I would like to give a special mention firstly to my funky parents Pat and Tony who at their age should be an example to us all – keep on rockin’, but please can you do it quietly…My sisters, Vanessa and Shirley and in particular my little sister Fiona who has been everything to me over the past few weeks. My precious boys, Tom and James and my wonderful friends, Uggie, Alice, Toby, Edi, Joanna and Julie – thank you all for loving me, I love you twice as much back.

I would also like to thank my lovely new family, Penny & Bryan, Tom and David for making me feel so welcome and supporting both Paul and I.

Have I missed anyone? Well, there’s the small matter of the man who dares to sit next to me (not you Dad).  Nearly 2 years I decided to tick a few more ambitions off the list and found myself on a cold November night in a bunk house in Aston Clinton asking for someone called Paul. This shy man who wouldn’t meet my eye (he tells me later that he was staring at something else) became my diving instructor and we went on to have tremendous fun in that swimming pool.

As it turns out I was a very slow learner and when he held my hand underwater I was convinced that he loved me. As it turns out this is standard procedure to reassure a nervous trainee, but hey, look where mixed signals got me!

In the past year Paul and I decided to get married and arrange all that goes with it, extend and completely redecorate his house and if this wasn’t enough we are also expecting our first baby in May.

Mum and my boys lit an awful lot  of candles at church to send ‘Auntie Liza a man’ and when he finally came into our lives Tom whispered to his Granny, ‘Did the angels send him?’ Well, Tommy, I think they did.  Paul is the first to offer you a lift, fix your computer and re-wire your house. He has worked tirelessly to build us a home and spends many hours supporting the Dive Club. All of this, but he still leaves his filthy underpants on the floor in the morning so he’s not that great!

Paul is the most generous, caring and wonderful man I know and the bravest as he was prepared to stand up there and take those vowels. I am very proud to be his wife and on this note ask you to take that last vodka shot (not you children!) and salute my husband Paul.

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