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Speech Creater: P Carlisle

Speech Date: JunĀ 2003

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Hello everyone!

When Karl and I began to plan our wedding we considered getting married on
holiday, with just parents and close family - but as we thought more and
more about the type of day we wanted, we realised that we wanted to share it with our friends and family - so that everyone could be part of our memories of our wedding day.  So it's a great feeling to have all of you together in one room.

Karl and I have been together over five years, and we've had a lot of fun
during that time.  We first met through Heidi, Karl's sister but it wasn't
love at first site - well, until one night when I spilt a bottle of red wine over karl - and broke the bottle on the floor.  I jumped up to get a towel, and when I came back Karl was naked and holding a dustpan and brush
strategically placed.

Karl interrupts - 'I must freely admit - I was very, very drunk!'

It must have worked - because five years later here we are!  And it means a lot to be Karl's wife after 5 years of being his girlfriend, and I'm sure he's happy now that he can finally start to let himself go.

You know, my Mum always told me to marry a rich man - I couldn't have
married a richer man than Karl. He is rich in inner strength, understanding and kindness, in forgiveness, patience and humour. He is my everything and I am very proud to be Mrs XXX. Having the same initials as Calvin Klein will also come in handy for future anniversaries - that's a hint husband!

[to karl]
Karl, I'm so proud to be your wife,  I'm really looking forward to sharing
the rest of my life with  you and I love you very much.

The main reason I wanted to speak today was to personally say thank you to
some very special people who have contributed to today.

I'd like to thank my Mum - for being such a calming influence in such a
hectic time! She's been a tower of strength throughout my life, and very
understanding during my 'everyone back to my house for a party'  stage!  But thank you Mum, I appreciate everything you've done for me and hope that I can make you proud.

Karl's Mum and Dad, Jennifer and Waldemar for welcoming me into their
family. Special thanks to Waldemar - for teaching Karl to tidy up after
himself (Carry on trying Dad!)  

Thanks to Heidi, Karls sister - without whom myself and Karl wouldn't have

The chief bridesmaid Tracy, who's also getting married in three weeks time - who has been brilliant in allowing me to talk weddings non-stop, in person, by telephone and e-mail up to 20 times a day! [give bridesmaids gifts]

A big thank you to my friend Klare, Klaire and myself met when she tipped
over my drink in Cinderellas (here! - over in that corner) one Friday night about fifteen years ago.  Klare - you've always been there for me through thick and thin - thank you very much.    I have a small gift for you [give Klaire gift]

Thanks to Sarah and Sara - who wouldn't let me get away with not having a
hen night - I had a brilliant time.

Finally, I'd like to propose a toast to you guys, who have made it such a
special day for us - To the guests!

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