Groom Example Wedding Speeches

The groom’s wedding speech is an opportunity to thank everyone involved in the wedding on behalf of himself and his new bride.

Start by thanking the guests for attending and acknowledging any friends and family who had to travel a long distance to be able to attend your big day. You can then also use this as an opportunity to thank people who made a significant contribution in the run up to the wedding – perhaps a friend helped mail the many invitations or a relative had a hand in planning the wedding. This is also a time to thank the bridesmaids and the groomsmen and raise a toast in honour of all their hard work and a job well done!

With the groom’s wedding speech being before the best man’s, it may also be a great opportunity for the groom to introduce the best man, thank him and perhaps tell a couple of anecdotes about how they met.

When you are preparing to write your speech, hitched has plenty of examples of real speeches for you to gain inspiration. Once your speech has been done we would love for you to submit your groom wedding speech to help future groom’s searching for wedding speech inspiration!

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Groom Wedding Speeches

Doug Gordon
Oct 2003
Maurice Thomas
Nov 2004
Toby Field
Aug 2001
Guy Holley
Nov 2003
Gavin Hughes
Sep 2001
Richard Pullen
Jul 2006
Barry Waddington
Jul 2002
Andy Fox
Aug 2001
Duncan Woodall
Oct 2000
May 2001
Liam McCann
Sep 2001
Mark Stuart
Oct 2004
Grant Mulford
Jun 2002
Kev Finnegan
Nov 2001
Brendan Dunn
Mar 2004
Oct 2003