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Speech Type: Groom

Speech Creater: Barry Waddington

Speech Date: JulĀ 2002

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Thank you all for turning up today and thanks for all who got involved in the arrangements. To Mum, Marion, Pauline and Alan for the grub. Caroline and ___________________ for the club. And especially to Mark for everything he has done for the wedding and stag do.

Well, I was content with just saying a few lines about what a good old girl Sam was but NO…….. The rein of terror has started already with Sam insisting on me embarrassing myself by reading something that I wrote for her a year into our relationship.

Sam was always an old romantic and into writing poetry and it wasn’t long before I started hearing the words that all men eventually hear and dread, ……….”Why don’t you do anything romantic for me?”

We’re men, that’s why. We build things, we destroy things, we drink beer. That’s what we do. But after much nagging and threats of cutting off my only source of exercise, she made me sit at a computer until I’d written her a poem. 2 hours it took but I thought that she would finally be off my back. 7 years down the road and it’s back to haunt me.

So, my apologies for what you are about to hear and I only hope you all drink enough beer today so you wont remember it in the morning.


Tuesdays are anniversary,

Twelve months alone with you,

It seems like only yesterday,

When a lonely soul became two.

I look back on the day,

When two hearts joined in lust,

The seat of a Cortina,

Where a magical time did pass.

A one night stand we thought it was,

A night of passion and fun,

But we both knew we wanted more,

And waited for tomorrow to come.

The meeting was an embarrassed affair,

Not knowing what to say,

A phone call got us back together,

My life began that day.

Very soon I knew you were the one,

That I’d love and hold forever,

A girl of which to make my plans,

A life was planned together.

I’ve waited all my life for one like you,

To care and love and cherish,

A gentle girl I can share my life,

A love that will never perish.

My love grows stronger by the day,

I want you oh so much,

Just to hold you in my arms,

Just to feel your gentle touch.

It can’t be written what I feel for you,

Words get in the way,

But I can show you with my every move,

Day, by day, by day.

With that, I’m stepping down in shame now and will say only this…

A husband's last words should always be 'OK you can buy it'.

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