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Speech Type: Groom

Speech Creater: Richard Pullen

Speech Date: Jul 2006

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Good evening ladies and gentlemen. I’ll keep this short and sweet as I hear that they are about to bring out seconds and you all know how much I love my food!

My wife and I pause, I don’t think I’ll ever tire of saying that, are extremely grateful to all of you for making the journey over from England, Ireland and even such far flung places as Finland and the States. We are overwhelmed at the efforts you’ve gone to sharing our special day with us, so thank you all.

My wife and I Pause are also very grateful that so many of you have not only gone to the expense of sharing today with us but have also bought gifts and I know that pie-cutter will come in useful Ashley!

We’d like to pay tribute to those involved in making today so special:

Ann mother of the bride thank you so much for all your help, you’ve been working relentlessly, running here, there and everywhere and with no sleep to sort everything out. We are thankful to you for all you’ve done and were it not for your help, many of the guests here would be sleeping on the beach tonight. So thank you and in the time honoured tradition, let’s show our appreciation for Ann Clap, Clap.

Onto my mother, Mum thanks for putting up with me through the years and for keeping me sane in my more panicked moments in the run up to today. I think you all know I’ve got a tendency to flap and you’ve kept me on track so thanks.

John father of the bride , you’ve welcomed me into your family from the start and for that I’m hugely grateful, thanks for your help and support in organizing today and I promise you I’ll take care of her.

Now, there are several people who’ve been unable to make the trip and I’d like to mention them. My dad, who wouldn’t have coped with the heat and travel but has always given us his full support as have our grandparents, we know you’re all with us in spirit and rest assured you’ll be bored stiff with the photos on our return.

And now onto Yolanda, who I’m sure you’ll all agree looks stunning today. After nine years together I don’t think we can be accused of rushing it. There have been ups and downs, as anyone who’s ever been in a car with us will testify, and I’m sure more to follow, but I know we’ll always get through it together. Yolanda I love you and I know I’m the luckiest man alive as my best friend is now my wife. Thank you.

I thought I’d list a few of your good points and in no particular order: 1. You support Liverpool, 2. You love sport in general, even to the extent of watching test match cricket and rugby with no idea of the rules, 3. You love cooking, 4. Your cooking’s great, 5. You cry when you laugh, 6. You’re always right, 7.You’re gorgeous and funny and to quote the well known philosopher and cultural icon…Mr. David Beckham “You rock my world!”

Now to Yolanda’s parents, I don’t think many grooms can be so lucky with their new in-laws. You’ve welcomed me from the beginning, even if, on my first visit to Cyprus, I did nearly burn your house down, now’s not the time so catch me at the bar later for a blow by blow account. My nerves today are only rivaled by my nerves before I asked John for his daughter’s hand, after finally plucking up the courage at the very end of a 45 minute car journey, his offer to ask Yolanda for me, at that very moment, was very generous, but I felt I should probably do it myself.

Yolanda, you made me the happiest man on earth when you accepted my proposal and I’d like to thank Linda and Evgenios for the use of their pier at sunset.

Thanks must go to our fantastic support network of friends and family for their efforts in making today so special for us. Sophia, Marina, Fiona, Jess and Simon sisters thanks for all your help today and in the run up.

Gael, as maid of honour, you’ve done a brilliant job in keeping Yolanda sane, particularly through the traumas of 11th hour dress fittings and for organizing an energetic hen weekend. Evie, you look wonderful today and have done really well, so thank you in your bridesmaid’s role.

Finally I’d like to thank the best men, Thomas and James, both of whom have been friends for a very long time and depending on how their speeches go, may even remain so. You’ve done a tremendous job in keeping me relaxed and well lubricated on the run up to today. Thanks for Barcelona and everything.

Before handing over to them, I would say this, James is a former estate agent and Tom’s a homeowner and so has had dealings with estate agents, keep this at the forefront of your minds and take everything they say with a pinch of salt.


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