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Speech Type: Maid of honour/Best woman

Speech Creater: Anita Hipper

Speech Date: Oct 2003

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Ladies and Gentlemen,

When Mandy and Bruce asked me to be their bridesmaid, I started wondering where the custom of having  a bridesmaid originated from.  My research led me to the interesting origins of many of our wedding customs – so I have decided to share one of them with you tonight.

Because the bride is the most important person on the day, everything is done to protect her from misfortune.
In the old days, sometimes  marriage was  by capture and a  maiden was guarded by her family to prevent seizure.  This is where the bridesmaids come in.  They would act as decoys by wearing a similar dress to the bride to confuse the kidnappers and to keep evil spirits away.

Well Mandy, I may have kept the evil spirits away, but I certainly didn’t succeed at keeping Bruce away.

I’m glad these days marriage isn’t by capture and that we are free to pick and choose whom we would like to spend the rest of our lives with.  Both of you have found your other half.  They say marriage is like trying to win a lottery, but in your case you got to have a peek at the winning tickets!!!

Thankyou Mandy for being such a wonderful, warm and caring best friend.  I’m glad you have found Bruce – one who will always love you.
If love makes the world go around, you two should make it spin.

Lana Turner once  quoted:
A successful man is one who can make more money than his wife can spend.
A successful woman is one who can find such a man!  Well done Mandy.

Many people are going to give you advice on how to live, how to love and even on how to raise your children.  I am going to give you advice on the path to a happy successful union, with just a few suggestions.
 Bruce, you need to sharpen your skills on … MIND READING…
At no time and under no circumstances will the female let the male know what she wants.  The car is empty …  Go fill it up.  The bin is overflowing … go and take it out.  The lawn is overgrown…. Go and mow it.
Remember Bruce that you can never ever be more tired than Mandy.  Foot massages and back rubs must be performed on demand!

Mandy, you need to remember… Men never need to ask for directions – they just drive around until  they find the place.  Don’t mess with the remote control – it’s a guy thing.  Never interrupt a man whilst he is watching his sport.  Men and their gagets – we’ll never work out why?
But on a more serious side:
Always love each other.  Always respect and be there for each other.  Remember that a bride and groom are indeed best friends.  For good friends, come not with time, but with trust!
May the best day of the past be the worst day of your future.  May good fortune precede you;
May love walk with you.  May good friends follow you.  May you grow old together on one pillow .  Enjoy the moment…..for as this moment is, may your life be…with happiness, love, excitement and children.  My love to the both of you.  Cheers!

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