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Speech Type: Maid of honour/Best woman

Speech Creater: Michelle DeWinter

Speech Date: Jul 2007

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Good afternoon everyone,

I asked Steph if I had to write a speech for the wedding and she told me that I didn’t need to. I was relieved at first, but then I started to feel that I should…and inspiration struck from something we had talked about when she and Gord first started dating.

Since Steph and I were young, I have been the romantic. Reading sappy books and watching sappy movies, falling head over heels and dreaming of getting married to my true love. Steph was always saying she would never get married, or have children. She didn’t want that, didn’t believe in it. We all thought she would change her mind one day, but when she was still talking that way after highschool I began to think it might come a little later in life for her. And then she met Gord.

It was another night at Roosters, and I had forced Steph to come with me. I saw the two of them out on the dance floor and thought that if I had a line up of guys in front of me, I would have picked Gord out for Steph. They were dancing like a couple of crazies all over the floor! I’m surprised no one was injured! But it was so great to see her out there with someone who could match her goofy personality and not worry about the fact that they were in a room full of people.

It all happened so fast, I’ll admit I was a little worrie d. I don’t know why, I fall fast and hard in love, mom fell fast and hard in love…I guess it was Steph’s turn! It’s definitely in her genes. But the day I realized that it was going to be okay was the day she told me that she had never believed in soulmates…until now. She truly believes that Gord is her soulmate.

I found this quote that I think it is appropriate:

&quotThroughout life you will meet one person who is unlike any other. This person is one you could forever talk to. They understand you in a way that no one else does or ever could. This person is your soul mate, your best friend. Don''t ever let them go, for they are your guardian angel sent from heaven up above."

What can I say? They wrote a silly song together in their first couple weeks of dating. They both spoke of how being with one another brought peace, understanding and serenity to their lives. Who doesn’t want that? They both love the arts: Music, painting, photography, creating something beautiful…and they encourage and draw that out of one another. That is a beautiful thing. My throwback hippie sister has met her match! They also love the outdoors, and their growing pack of dogs, they like seclusion and privacy and they are both so handy to have around when you are building or renovating a home! So much in common and so much to solidify an important “friendship” bond on top of their romantic love.

I haven’t spent all the much time with Gord. When Steph and I were roommates they spent most of their time at Gord’s place, and then they moved here! But we have had some pretty great sushi nights, and Gord and Steph have cooked up some pretty good meals that I have sat down to. I do know that Gord is a great guy, and I do know that Steph has nothing but wonderful things to say about him.

The only advice I have is to always remember why you fell in love and why you wanted so much to spend the rest of your lives together. Always share with one another, even when you’re not in a great headspace. It is that love and conversation that will get you through the rest of your lives. You have so many similarities and like-minded goals, and yet you are still different people. Embrace that and don’t fight it.

You two are so blessed to have found a best friend and so much love and understanding in one another. I love you both and wish you all the happiness in the world you both deserve it. Congratulations and cheers, to Gordon and Stephanie Chadwick.

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