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Speech Creater: Sherry Methling

Speech Date: Jul 2005

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Welcome and good evening.  For all those who do not know me my name is Sherry…
and Joanne and I have been friends for quite some time now, 20 years to be exact.  
However, before I get started I would first like to Thank Everyone for being able to
Attend such an important Day in Marty and Joanne's life.  I would also like to Thank Joanne's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Sheahan and Marty's parents, Mr. Meehan and Mrs. Sheehy-Meehan for all of their help and support in making this evening possible tonight.  

Now, I would like you to sit back and relax as I reminis about my Best Friend, Joanne.
Joanne and I technically met in preschool but were re-united in the 3rd grade when I transferred
to St. Vincent's. We have shared everything together, clothes being one; well it was actually
me borrowing from her.  Anyone who knows Joanne would know that she has quite a wardrobe.  
Joanne, was the sister that I never had, being only a hop, skip and a jump away from my house
I pretty much was over all the time, whether she liked it or not.  

We played together as kids; basketball, volleyball, softball, tennis, road bikes, watched movies (her favorite past time next to sleeping).  We had slumber parties, birthday parties, went trick-or-treating together then later bombing, we sang and danced in her living room where we could see our reflection in the front window at night.  Then in the 5th grade Joanne got me to join the girl scouts. I joined strictly for the fun and games and hoping to get out of school once in awhile where she joined to learn and become a better person. This was obvious when you looked at both of our sashes.  Hers was covered top to bottom front to back with Badges where mine you had to stretch out my 8 badges to make it look full.  Joanne was hands down "the Best".  Then it was off to High School, more sports…boy's…dances, prom's parties and good times.  From there, we took a break and went our own ways in college.  However, distance did not stop us, if anything it drew us closer.  

They say, a faithful friend is the medicine of life.  So I say it is with Joanne, that she is the medicine of my life.  She has always been the most Loyal, Sincere, Honest, Humble, Considerate, Caring, and most of all Trustworthy person I know.  Joanne is not like the rest of the girls.  Ever since the 3rd grad I knew she would be a life long friend when I realized that she could keep a secrete.  And for a little girl at the age of 8 or 28 it's pretty impressive when you can keep something between the both of you.

With having known Joanne for the past 20 years and just having got to know Marty over the past 4 years I would say that this is a match made in heaven.  I always say, "Go for the Best Never settle for less" and I can honestly say that is what Joanne has done.  I could not have picked a Better Man for Joanne than Marty.  From what I know of Marty he is Extremely Funny, Out-Going, Charismatic, Loyal, Caring,  Friendly, and someone who would give the shirt off his back for a complete stranger.  I know he will make a Great husband and father one day.  

As you can see Joanne and Marty are perfect for each other.  For they have mastered the balance between Love, Respect and Friendship……May they always look to God for strength in good times and bad.  For God will Always be the Rock to every relationship.

So I ask everyone to raise your glass in a toast…...to no longer my ONE Best friend Joanne but rather my Two best friends....Mr and Mrs. Marty Meehan.

Cheers ! !

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