Wedding Venues Checklist

When it comes to choosing a venue for your big day, it is vital that you do not forget to ask an important question as it could mean you end up choosing a venue that is missing an element key to your wedding day.

To avoid making this error, we have compiled a list of questions to ask when selecting your venue. Whilst you may think that some of the questions are irrelevant or too minor of a detail to bother enquiring about, we strongly suggest you try to answer as many as possible. A question that seems unimportant now, may end up being vital, should your circumstances change.

Questions to Ask Your Venue

  1. Do you have a licence to perform civil ceremonies? If so, what authority do you come under and do you have names and contact details for the registrar?
  2. How many car parking spaces do you have available for our guests?
  3. How many of our guests can you accommodate?
  4. Are we allowed to have a professional firework display if we would like one?
  5. May we throw confetti at the venue?
  6. If we would like a helicopter to take us away after the evening reception, do you have landing permission for this?
  7. Is your venue easy to get to/find?
  8. Are you licensed to perform civil weddings?
  9. Will our wedding be the only one taking place on the day?
  10. Are we allowed to light candles in the reception room?
  11. Is your venue available on the date we require?

Accommodation Availability

  1. Is there a room available for the use of ‘bride and groom’ for the day?
  2. Do you provide a dressing room that the bride and bridesmaids can use before the ceremony?
  3. Do you have an area that can be used as a crèche if needed?
  4. How many rooms do you have available for overnight accommodation?
  5. What are the costs of this?
  6. Will you be including breakfast in that price?
  7. Will you be able to provide a room to store wedding presents in until we are able to collect them and are we insured for any loss or damage to the presents?
  8. Is there somewhere older guests can go to get away from the noise of the DJ/ Band?
  9. What time is checkout the next day?
  10. If there is an event happening in the evening reception room earlier on in the day, will you need the DJ/ Band to set up their equipment beforehand?
  11. At what point are we allowed to begin setting up the room in terms of decorating it with flowers, banners etc?
  12. Can you offer us the use of a marquee?
  13. Will the wedding, reception, meal, evening reception etc. all be held in separate rooms?

Catering Queries

  1. Is there a company you can recommend to us to supply our wedding cake?
  2. Is it only you that can supply the wine and champagne?
  3. If we could supply the wine ourselves, what do you charge for corkage?
  4. What time do you hold an alcohol license until?
  5. Is there a particular order of service you like to stick to (where and when do we cut the cake)?
  6. Will you be able to provide us with a cake stand and knife if we need it?
  7. Are there any examples of suggested menus you can show us along with prices?
  8. Are you only allowed to do the catering?
  9. What time do you need the reception to finish by?

General Questions about Costs

  1. What are the different costs and options available to us for your venue?