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Affordable, Modern and Stylish describes this collection of Adult, Teen and Flower Girl dresses.  This collection of beautiful bridesmaids dresses uses only the finest fabrics including satin, taffeta and chiffon and is available in an array of beautiful colours.  Also available in all colours and fabrics are matching stoles, and matching adult and boys cravats, tie and hanky sets.

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DAF21205/DAB11203 Watermelon
DAF21204 Lavender
DAB11208/DAF21200/DAF21201 Lavender
DAB11206 Lavender
DAB11207 Latte
DAB11205 Glacier
DAB11205/DAF21206 Rosepetal
DAB11204 Starburst 3
DAB11204 Starburst 2
DAB11204 Starburst
DAB11201/DAF21202/DAF21203 Deep Purple
DAB11062J/DAB11201 Deep Purple
DAB11065J/DAB11201 Deep Purple