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Your wedding shoes are an essential part of your wedding day. When choosing your wedding shoes there are a few things to consider – are they the right heel height for your dress? Will they complement your wedding dress? Are they comfortable? Remember you will be wearing your wedding shoes for the whole day so you want something that you will be able to stand in all day long. Wedding shoes come in a variety of styles, whether you are looking for a statement wedding shoe with a fantastic heel, or something delicate and understated so you don’t distract from your beautiful wedding dress, you are sure to find the right pair for you.


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Designs by Benjamin Adams are world renowned for the chic and glamorous look. Designs are available at over 2000 stores in 335 countries worldwide, making the Benjamin Ad ...

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Traditionally wedding shoes come in white and ivory, although many brides are now opting for a splash of colour. Make sure you try your wedding shoes on with your dress to ensure you have got the right heel height. The shoes you pick should complement your wedding dress and be comfortable enough to wear all day long.