Bride Example Wedding Speeches

Although it is not traditional for the bride to make a speech, more and more brides want to stand up on their big day and say a few words.

The brides wedding speech runs along similar lines to the groom’s speech and is about thanking the guests for attending and perhaps acknowledging special friends or close family who were unable to make it to the wedding for whatever reason.

The bride’s wedding speech is a great chance to thank your parents for all their support while growing up. You may have some poignant moments that you hold close to your heart and wish to share with your guests.

You may also want to dedicate part of your speech to the bridesmaids. You may have some funny anecdotes about how you met or you may just wish to thank them for taking part in your special day.

We have so many examples of bride’s wedding speeches here on hitched to help you get some inspiration for your own speech. Once you have done your speech, why not help out other brides and submit your speech to us!

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Bride Wedding Speeches

Lynn Callaghan
Sep 2004
Jun 2007
P Carlisle
Jun 2003
Mar 2007
Clare Mulheron
Sep 2004
Melissa Loyley
Jun 2006
Liza Hemstock
Dec 2002
Jane Dunn
Mar 2002
Amanda Privett
Jan 2008
Kelly Williams
Aug 2002
Deb Charles
Oct 2004
Feb 2004