Choosing the Perfect Wedding Veil

Advice on choosing your perfect bridal headwear!


Many brides come up against a challenge they didn’t expect when they look for their wedding outfit; the veil! For many, the dress is the most important feature and everything else, in terms of bridal attire, will follow its lead. And although this is as it should be, there are some things to consider when choosing the headwear which is right for you.

Wedding Veil

You’ll want the accessory to compliment your chosen gown, your theme and your character. But what other things should you bear in mind when selecting your wedding head dress?

Wearing the most simplest of dresses, a wedding veil can transform this into stunning bridal costume. But what things are you looking for when choosing the one for you?

  • Consider the veil length, colour, material, layers and tier.
  • Avoid clashes; your veil should compliment your dress, not fight with it! If your gown already has ornate detail, then keep your veil less so.
  • If your dress has pretty detail at the back that you want to show off, choose a material that allows this to show through; silk tulle is perfect for this.
  • Veil or no veil? Don’t make this decision until you’ve tried on a few with your chosen wedding dress. And try on a few styles, fabrics and lengths to see which one best suit your wedding outfit.
  • If you are on the petite side, avoid veils that drown you. High, bouffant accessories will only make you look smaller and detract from your dress rather than compliment it.
  • You can have your veil made to measure if you like! Create something that you want and matches your dress whilst complimenting you and your special day!
  • What about adding a touch of colour? Pretty detail like embroidery or tiny flowers for example can be added to match your bouquet, bridesmaids and/or wedding colour scheme.
  • Where possible, take your headwear to your hair trial. Your stylist will be able to create a style that works with your veil, for both look and comfort.
  • Don’t think you need to be dressed in headwear; wear something because you want to and it fits with your day.
  • Take time to choose the right veil for you. It should be part of your bridal attire, and not just an after thought once everything else has been decided. You only wear a wedding veil once, so have fun and make the most of it and enjoy dressing up!

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