Balanced Diet

Dieting by making food your friend


It is said that the best diet is the one you don’t know that you are on; make food your friend, not your foe. To look fabulous in that wedding dress, you don’t necessarily have to cut out food altogether and live on grapes and carrot sticks for the next few months! There are some very easy steps we can all take to keep our food in proportion.

Firstly, it is important to share. It is fact that the best bit of a chocolate pudding with a rich, warm chocolate sauce is the first few bites. After that, the guilt begins to set in and you can’t fully enjoy it. So why not share your naughty treats with your partner or a friend? You’ll feel much better afterwards, knowing you haven’t scoffed the entire thing.

Cut down your portions. Psychological proceedings have shown that if you have smaller portions, but put them onto a smaller plate, it appears as if there is still plenty of food in front of you and so your mind believes that you are consuming more than you actually are. Cutting down your portions can also make a huge difference to your diet.

Listen to your body. When eating use internal clues, such as feeling full, rather than external clues, such as how much food is left on your plate, to determine when to stop eating.

If you are feeling the food craves come 3pm on a workday, head for the fruit section in the supermarket instead of the chocolate section. A bowl of strawberries with just a small dollop of ice cream will satisfy your sweet tooth whilst keeping you on the healthy road. Think of this as your treat and once your body begins to associate strawberries as a treat, you will no longer feel the chocolate craving.

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