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Creating the Perfect Smile

The perfect smile for your big day
Clontarf Orthodontics

Wanting to have the perfect smile for your wedding day may lead you to pay a bit more attention to your teeth. If you have been concerned about your teeth for a while then what better time to have them straightened than before your wedding? We spoke to a dental nurse from Clontarf Orthodontics who is in the unique position of knowing all you need to know and is also undergoing the treatment herself.

Clontarf Orthodontics

What is Invisalign®?

Invisalign® straightens teeth using a series of nearly invisible, removable aligners that are custom made according to the treatment plan designed specifically for you by your orthodontist. Comfortable, clear and removable — Invisalign® transforms your smile without disrupting your life. Something that over 2.5 million people worldwide have already discovered.

What made you decide to get Invisalign®?

As a dental nurse in Clontarf Orthodontics I am surrounded by people who are improving their smiles every day and I have seen first-hand the real difference having orthodontic treatment has had in their lives, whether they are children, teenagers, adults or grandparents! I had become more conscious of my teeth in the last few years having attended lots of family events and weddings, looking at the photos I just wasn’t happy with what I was seeing. I have worked alongside Shona for a few years now and I just knew the opportunity was there to have the perfect smile. I had train tracks as a teenager and was reluctant to have something that bulky and visible in my mouth again, I felt I was just past that. I like the fact that Invisalign® is removable for cleaning and special occasions, it means I’m not overly conscious of smiling and laughing when out with friends or having to be careful of what foods I eat. It’s more discreet and in the three weeks I’ve been in treatment nobody has noticed them, which I was pretty pleased about!

Clontarf Orthodontics

The results some of our patients have achieved are truly amazing - it transforms them- they are more confident and proud to smile, which is very different from when they first stepped in! A lot of people come for treatment coming up to their wedding or the wedding of a family member as they want to be happy with their smile in the family photos. And really isn’t that what we all want?! So I decide to go ahead and do it too.

What level of pain have you experienced getting Invisalign®?

When I first put them in, yes there was discomfort. I wouldn’t really call it pain more that my teeth were tender. There is a feeling of pressure which you obviously expect; it wasn’t always comfortable to bite down on hard foods, like apples- I won’t be biting into any of those any time soon! I didn’t have to take painkillers, except once on the first night before going to bed more out of fear that I wouldn’t go to sleep but I was grand! Otherwise I have to say it has been comfortable, I am very glad that I was a suitable candidate for Invisalign®.

How long will you need to keep the brace fitted?

In my case the entire treatment will take 8 months, and I hope they fly I want to see the results now! I’ve already noticed changes which has been surprising and exciting. Another great thing about Invisalign® is you get a ClinCheck® video which is sent to your orthodontist which shows you the course of your treatment and the timeline from when you get the first set of aligners.

What advice would you give to couples considering getting Invisalign®?

Firstly and most importantly go to a specialist orthodontist. An orthodontist has the education and knowledge to design a better plan and get a better outcome for you from your Invisalign® treatment for no extra cost, I have the advantage of working in an Orthodontists but I would never have considered going to anyone else. It’s an investment and nobody would want to put the time into something that’s not being managed by someone who really knows what they are doing and has the experience. It’s good idea to be very clear in your own mind what you would like from your treatment — write down a list of questions or concerns to bring with you to your consultation.

If you have working towards something, like your wedding, let your orthodontist know and they will do their best to meet it. You can always leave the braces out for your big day. With weddings today everything is planned so far in advance that it’s easy to incorporate your treatment into the planning.

Expect a little discomfort when you get your aligners and take some headache tablets to relieve the pain, you may be lucky and have none but it’s always better to be prepared!

Definitely ask for your ClinCheck® video, it gives you an end sight, and shows you the stages before the perfect smile. I have to say for me it’s like a reference point that I keep going back to, and for those friends that do know I have Invisalign® (because I told them!) it’s a great thing to show them!

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