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Boho Wedding Hair Tips from Nicky Clarke

Get boho wedding hair ideas from Nicky Clarke
Nicky Clarke's boho wedding hair tips

To celebrate our love all of things boho and beautiful in the world of weddings, we caught up with celebrity hair stylist Nicky Clarke to get his top tips for the perfect wedding hairstyle...

Nicky Clarke's boho wedding hair tips

What does boho mean to you?

The boho look is a cross between vintage and bohemian. It is all about being comfortable, earthy and retro.

What hairstyle would you recommend to a bride who wants a boho look?

There are many hairstyles for brides who want to achieve a boho look. Whether it is adding a couple of loose braids to an elegant bun or wearing your hair down in loose curls, there are many ways of experimenting with different looks.

How can a bride with short hair create a boho hairstyle?

Having short hair will not limit you to achieving the perfect boho look. Adding soft curls to the hair is a great way to create your ideal look or simply adding a couple of braids throughout the hair. If you are looking to be slightly more creative with your look investing in a hair piece will allow you to play around with your hair more. From plaits to buns, once you find the right shade for your hair colour your style options are endless.

What are the must-have products you’d recommend for this style?

To ensure that the hair does not fall flat it is important to use a good quality thickening volumising spray such as the Nicky Clarke Hair Raising. This is my number one styling product and it is used by all my stylists and on photo shoots and backstage at fashion shows worldwide.

Nicky Clarke's boho wedding hair tips

On your wedding day you don’t want to have to worry about any fly-aways or frizz. To prevent this from occurring apply a pre-styling serum such as the Nicky Clarke Instant Calmer to your locks before blow-drying. This product smooths and controls the hair for a sleek finish whilst allowing the hair to move freely into your desired style.

Nicky Clarke boho wedding hair tips

Which hair accessories do you think would perfectly complement a boho bridal look?

There are so many bridal accessories on the market to choose from, it is just about finding the right one to suit your hairstyle. If you are wearing your hair down with loose curls a hair crown or flower garland is a great way to bring some glamour and elegance to the look.

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