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The thing about all things vintage is that you can’t deny it looks good! No matter what you’re looking at: vintage car, dress, shoes, make-up; there’s something about it that oozes style and finesse. So why not have a vintage wedding? After all, it’s all the rage again these days!

Designers have always borrowed ideas from the past. They cleverly revive traditional looks by giving them a modern twist to add to their collection and lucky for us, their ‘old to new’ creations have made it back on the high street today!

Vintage can be found in many forms, it could be a second hand dress from a retro boutique, a blast (of music) from the past, a piece of bric-a-brac salvaged from a charity shop or a car that stands out from the crowd and turns heads as it drives past.  Vintage, no matter what, will always be welcome in today’s world.

Weddings are no exception to making the most of this elegant trend and there are many ways to add a touch of vintage to your big day. A very noticeable way of doing so is with the weddings dress. Many brides-to-be go for the real McCoy and opt for a second hand gown which may be borrowed from a relative or purchased online or at a second hand shop. This is a great way for saving money and we all know how expensive weddings can be!

However, if ‘old-but-new’ is what you’re looking for, many bridal wear shops offer a collection of Vintage dresses which look very much like the real thing.

Brides always look stunning in these fabulous dresses and you can pick and choose from an era or decade for your wedding theme. For example, the 1920s offer an elegant simple cut to the gowns with beads and lace. A headpiece with tiny jewels or feathers adds another wow factor to this stylish outfit. Or what about the 1930s Hollywood fever designs or the full swinging skirt of the 1950s era which are very different from the long slim gowns that are often worn by brides today.

Don’t forget the wedding make-up and hair if you go vintage! It’s worthwhile having a few makeovers before you decide what you go with. You should feel comfortable with it and it should compliment your theme. Show your stylist/artist some examples of what you’re looking for and discuss your dress with them so they know what to aim for.

It doesn’t just stop with the wedding attire! Vintage cars make a very big statement at any special occasion. From pre war classics like the 1921 Bentley to post war vintage styles like the 1956 Silver Wraith Rolls Royce, from the Daimler Limousine to the Beauford Convertible; there’s a vintage wedding car for every era and every theme!

You can also have lots of fun creating your vintage wedding tables with beautiful favours fitting to your chosen decade and wedding style; mini soaps for the elegant and chic or bubble gum balls in bags for the rock’n’roll era. Shop around for something unsual, there’s something out there for all tastes and décor.

Whether you want a complete full blown vintage wedding from start to finish or just a few touches here and there to add a little something to your day, there are many ways you can do this. The trend of reviving the past to present has never been more popular, and there’s lots of fun to be had along the way!

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Wedding Dress by: Constantina

Wedding Jewellery: Divine Destiny

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